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I was displeased with any of the (yet so many) libraries for generating colored console output, so I wrote my own: hansi.


8 color, 16 color, 88 color, 256 color and 24 bit (True Color) mode
converts colors between modes
proper color nesting (this is broken in highline, which is what I'm using in most of my projects right now)
automatically detect proper mode for current terminal
does not come with a Ruby DSL
supports string templates (optional)
supports themes (optional)
zero dependencies
full test coverage
no monkey patches
Today we're launching the Travis Foundation, an initiative to improve and foster Open Source!

After coordinating and managing Rails Girls Summer of Code, we are now focussing on organizing Open Source Grants.

The first project we took on for our Open Source Grants is RVM. We are happy to announce that we've secured funding for RVM for the next two months! This means that the current Maintainer Michal Papis can work fulltime on bootstrapping RVM 2.0 until mid January. This is made possible by the great people of
The release notes were not that informative, so I wrote a blog post.
I published Mustermann, the string matching library that one day will power Sinatra 2.0.
Earlier today I released Sinatra 1.2.9, 1.3.6 and 1.4.0.

For more infos on what's new in 1.4, check out the blog post on
Want to know what's coming in Sinatra 1.4? Check out my blog post.
Did you know that you only need six lines to implement Sinatra? What crazy things can you do with flip flops? And what's coming for Ruby 3.0? Check out my talk on this and many more rather irrelevant but highly entertaining things.
I just released Sinatra 1.3.5, which includes RubyGems 2.0 compatibility.
rack-protection 1.3.0
I just released rack-protection 1.3.0. Please upgrade your apps.
A few SSL tidbits
The blog post about full SSL support at the Travis CI blog has a few interesting facts about setting up SSL certificates, dealing with naked domains and saving money when running multiple apps on Heroku.
I just released Sinatra 1.3.3. This is a bug fix release, see the change log for more infos.
Travis CI just announced Pull Request support.
Travis CI has run 406,714 tests for 5,442 open-source projects to date, including Ruby, Rails, Rubinius, Rubygems, Bundler, Leiningen, Parrot, Symfony, ... If you use any of these then you benefit from Travis CI.

Please donate so we can make Travis CI even better!
I was able to work full time on open source during the summer and speak at many a conference. Check out what I spent my time on over at the Engine Yard blog.
We’re proud to announce two new releases today: 1.3.0 and 1.2.7. We’re also simultaneously releasing sinatra-contrib and would like to officially announce the recently launched Sinatra Recipes project. Read on for more goodness!
Sinatra Loves Dancer
Sinatra had some issues with someone posing as core team members and leaving rude comments about the Dancer project (a Sinatra clone in Perl). To stop the badmouthing, I published an official statement to set things right.
Heroku to hire Matz
Heroku just announced that they hired Yukihiro Matsumoto as Chief Architect, Ruby.
rack-protection is a collection of Rack middleware to protect you against common, opportunistic attack. Use it for your Rack, Sinatra or Rails application and finally sleep well again.
Unpatched is a convenience library, like ActiveSupport or extlib, but without a single monkey-patch. It is also an API experiment.
Did a Sinatra refactoring, it's only eight lines now:
Sinatra 1.2 released
We are happy to announce a new Sinatra release - Sinatra 1.2.0. More infos can
be found here.
Sinatra 1.1.3 released
I just pushed Sinatra 1.1.3 to Sinatra is classy web-development dressed in a DSL.