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rmoriz — 5 posts

I just released the digital_ocean gem that allows you to create/manage virtual servers with They use SSDs, have datacenters in NY/US and Amsterdam/NL and are backed by TechStars.

I just released a small gem
that provides an easy to use Ruby interface for the German service. Just put in your pdf files + letter options and the letter will reach the recipient by traditional/snail mail one or two days later.
Sometimes it is useful to have primary keys in ActiveRecord that are independent from a database's autoincrement implementation. With ActiveSupport::Concern this can be done smoothly in Rails 3
I just talked about rubygems, its infrastructure and problems (no mirrors) @ our Ruby User Group München meeting:
Slides on slideshare
I've just released a small httparty-based wrapper gem for the API. Hetzner is a very cheap dedicated server provider in Germany and with the new API you can automate os installation, reboot, failover-settings and other things. Feel free to add/use it in your (pseudo-) cloud projects. Source on Github