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romanvbabenko — 11 posts

Just RailsFootnotes 3.7.9 has been released
I just released rails-footnotes version 3.7.8.
- Regexp based assigns note ignoring has been added
I just realised rails-footnotes-3.7.7

QueriesNote total time calculation has been fixed
Code structure has been refactored
warnings has been eliminated
I just released rails-footnotes 3.7.6.

Assets paths for rails version > 3.1 has been fixed! Woohoo!
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Models and Collections
Part 3: Routers and Views
by Jim Newbery
rails-footnotes v3.7.5 has been released
Cookies & Queries notes was fixed
bug fixes, code cleanup, postinit setup with dotfile
see rails-footnotes v3.7.3
rails-footnotes 3.7.2 has been released. –°ompletely rewritten QueriesNote and bug fixes.
Before & After hooks have been added for each controller.
See README Hooks chapter.
This gem makes it possible to define has_many :through relationships that go through other has_many :through relationships, possibly through an arbitrarily deep hierarchy.
I have just made the gem and applied patches for better Rails 3.x support