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ruprict — 10 posts

SitePoint Ruby just put the 2nd part up here. If you want to learn about this library, these posts are great.
Robert Qualls has posted the first of a two-part series on Forking in Ruby. Robert always goes very in-depth, and this article is no exception.
Darren Jones talks about one of Ruby's age-old crossroads in his latest post. Darren talks to some of Ruby's pillars to get perspective and opinion.
Take a Swing at Ruby Golf
Darran Jones has started a Ruby Golf competition over at Rubysource. Head over and try to make par...the winner of each hole gets a Sitepoint book.
Pat Shaughnessy discusses your options for Twitter Bootstrap and Rails 3.1.
Nathan Kleyn writes about some best practices when cutting gems in Crafting Rubies: Best Practices While Cutting Gems
Dave Kennedy talks about how PHP and Ruby are compared, and looks at maybe a better way to do so.
Claudio Lassala compares the dynamic features of C# to those or Ruby, showing how his .NET experience helped him make the transition.
Put Your Work in a Qu
Craig Wickesser talks about Qu, a new queueing library, and interviews Qu's author.
Dave Kennedy just posted Test Driven to Distraction dealing with the benefits and approaches to creating test-driven Ruby.