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ruprict — 13 posts

I wrote this post on using the rails-disco gem to implement Event Sourcing. The basics of ES are explained using a demo Rails app. Boogie!
Brian Knapp shares some lessons learned from his landmark Ruby web framework benchmarking post. Really great post.
This article by (Professor) Karl Stolley takes a very interesting look at applying professional reading techniques to reading code.
SitePoint Ruby just put the 2nd part up here. If you want to learn about this library, these posts are great.
Robert Qualls has posted the first of a two-part series on Forking in Ruby. Robert always goes very in-depth, and this article is no exception.
Darren Jones talks about one of Ruby's age-old crossroads in his latest post. Darren talks to some of Ruby's pillars to get perspective and opinion.
Take a Swing at Ruby Golf
Darran Jones has started a Ruby Golf competition over at Rubysource. Head over and try to make par...the winner of each hole gets a Sitepoint book.
Pat Shaughnessy discusses your options for Twitter Bootstrap and Rails 3.1.
Nathan Kleyn writes about some best practices when cutting gems in Crafting Rubies: Best Practices While Cutting Gems
Dave Kennedy talks about how PHP and Ruby are compared, and looks at maybe a better way to do so.
Claudio Lassala compares the dynamic features of C# to those or Ruby, showing how his .NET experience helped him make the transition.
Put Your Work in a Qu
Craig Wickesser talks about Qu, a new queueing library, and interviews Qu's author.
Dave Kennedy just posted Test Driven to Distraction dealing with the benefits and approaches to creating test-driven Ruby.