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ryantownsend — 3 posts

Pretty niche setup at the moment, but if you're using RequireJS in your Rails project (using the great requirejs-rails gem) and want to test your modules using Jasmine (using the awesome jasminerice gem) then you're probably going to run into some issues...

Here's a fix: getting jasminerice & requirejs-rails to work in a DRY manner.
Out of the box, Rails requires a HTTP DELETE request to process object deletion, but this requires JavaScript or a form, which isn't ideal. A few simple changes can improve this situation, for the concise solution continue reading unobtrusive object deletion in Rails…
Amazon Cloudfront CDN on Rails
A concise guide on how to setup your Rails app with Amazon's CloudFront CDN - it's a great way to provide better front-end performance and with the asset pipeline, it's really not that difficult to implement!