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samullen — 5 posts

New post on the problems developers run into when using Rails callbacks, why they arise, and how to get around them: The Problem With Rails Callbacks
With the release of Rails 3.2 came a host of new features, in particular ActiveRecord. In this post, I discuss some of the pros and cons which come with using ActiveRecord::Store.
Rails 3.2 introduced "explain" into ActiveRecord::Base. A number of posts have already covered how to use and configure it; I wanted to help developers understand why "explain" is useful.
I really like Ruby's ri documentation tool and think Ruby devs need to give it a try. In the following post, I cover how to get started, using the interactive mode, seeing things in color, using ri in vi, and troubleshooting.

Up and Running With Ruby Interactive (ri)
Parellel Programming with Dropbox
I had a goofy idea about parallel programming, TDD, and Dropbox: Parallel Programming with Dropbox