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Spree Commerce has just announced SpreeConf 2014 on Feb. 26-27, 2014 in New York City. Come learn about one of the most popular open source Ruby projects on Github and meet the people behind the technology as well as the stores that use it!
Spree 2.0 has been Released
Spree 2.0 is now available. Spree is the world's most flexible e-commerce platform. It is used by over 15,000 stores worldwide and it's 100% open source. The new version includes support for multiple stock locations and shipments. The UI functionality has also been broken out into separate frontend and backend gems to make it easier to replace the views or do client-side rendering.
The schedule for SpreeConf 2013 has been announced. The conference will be held on March 20-21 and feature two full days of training and talks dedicated to the world's most flexible e-commerce platform. Tons of Ruby/Rails goodness even if you don't have an e-commerce project coming up!

See the full announcement on the Spree blog.
We’re excited to announce that registration for SpreeConf starts today. The conference will be held May 20th to 21st in Washington, DC. The full list of speakers and talks will be announced shortly. If you're interested in learning more of Ruby e-commerce then you should act now and scoop up one of the limited number of early bird tickets!
The e-commerce team behind the popular Spree project is pleased to announce its first ever conference in Europe. SpreConf Europe will be held on Aug. 22-23 in Dublin, Ireland. Two full days of training and talks on Spree, Rails, Backbone and Coffeescript as well as a few non-technical talks from industry leaders.
Spree 1.1.0 Released
We're pleased to announce that Spree 1.1.0 has been released. We’ve been hard at work the past two months getting this release ready. This is also the first Spree release to support Rails 3.2.×. All it took was 790 commits by 34 different authors (including many first-time committers.)

Here’s a list of highlights of what is contained in the new release:

* Support for Rails 3.2.x
* Product groups have been moved to a stand alone extension
* Major overhaul of the API
* Simplified the internals of Creditcard model
* Replaced meta_search with ransack
* Instant activation for live analytics
* Several other minor changes
Spree 1.0.0 Released
We're pleased to announce the official 1.0.0 release of Spree Commerce. Spree is a 100% open source e-commerce platform for Ruby on Rails. If you haven't tried Spree yet (or if its been a while since you last tried it) head on over to to find out more.
Spree Commerce has just announced Ryan Bigg will be joining Spree as the new community manager. We're thrilled to have him on board. His 2010 Ruby Hero Award should be enough to convince you that this project is just going to continue getting better.
The first ever SpreeConf has been announced. Full day of awesome Ruby/Rails speakers plus another full day of training. Only $99 so sign up soon before the training slots are taken! No excuses - especially if you live in NYC.
Tech Crunch just announced a $1.5M seed investment in Spree Commerce, Inc. Spree is the leading open source e-commerce platform for Ruby on Rails. Don't worry - its going to stay 100% open source. You can read the official Spree announcement for more details.
New blog post on adding filter_parameters in a Rails Engine. This is opposed to the standard application configuration approach.
Neeraj Singh who is a core member of the jquery-ujs project has an informative blog post on describing jquery callbacks in Rails3. In this post Neeraj walks through a detailed example of how to delete a record using Ajax.
Cucumber Testing Tips
Neeraj Singh discusses a few handy cucumber testing tips. Learn an easy way to debug using cucumber as well as how to run just a single feature.
Neeraj Singh's last post on this topic produced some interesting discussion. Checkout out his follow up blog post which contains some additional exploration and some new opinions on the matter.
Neeraj Singh explains some interesting things you should know about require using expanded path.
Spree 0.30.0 Released
The first Rails 3.x compatible version of Spree is now officially released. Check out the Spree project if you're interested in Rails e-commerce. Its open source, and completely free.
The new Rails3 routing features allow you to do some cool new things. One of which is to redirect non WWW traffic to a canonical domain without having to create rack middleware or configure your web server. The lack of available server configuration on Heroku was an inspiration for this approach.
Spree 0.10.0 Released
We've just released the newest version of Spree which is an open source e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails. Highlights include: theming, REST API and Ruby 1.9 support. See the release announcement for more details.
Spree 0.9.3 has just been released. This is a patch release to provide support for the new Rails 2.3.5 release.
Spree 0.9.0 Released
The Spree community is proud to announce the release of Spree 0.9.0. Spree is a completely open source e-commerce framework for Ruby/Rails. A complete list of improvements and new features can be found in the release notes.
This blog post takes a look at some basic metrics associated with two projects to show how the resource_controller plugin can dramatically reduce LOC in your rails applications.
Spree has issued a new patch release which adds several new rake tasks designed to simplify automated deployments. This will help accommodate Rails hosting services that wish to provide Spree to their customers. Spree is an open source e-commerce platform for Ruby on Rails.
Spree is an open source ecommerce project built on Rails. It has a powerful extension system (similar to engines) which you can use to customize the platform to your exact needs. If you're at RailsConf come see us at the BOF tonight (8:00 PM) and join the discussion.