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scrapbookdev — 8 posts

I just released RubyZip 1.1.0 with a lot of improvements:

* StringIO Support
* Zip64 Support
* Better jRuby Support
* Order of files in the archive can be sorted

and other.
I just released new version of rubyzip.
Important change - API was changed!
* Changed the API for gem. Now it can be used without require param in Gemfile.
* Added read-only support for Zip64 files.
* Added support for setting Unicode file names.
We just launched nexmos - clean and simple Nexmo API wrapper for Ruby.
I just released new version of danthes.
Danthes is a PrivatePub on steroids.
New features:
* Subscription callback through sign call
* On subscription connect callback
* On subscription error callback
* Transport disabling
I just launched d'Anthès - PrivatePub on steroids.
Main steroids:
1) CoffeeScript version of Faye wrapper.
2) Redis support.
3) Unsubscribing from the channels.
4) Async faye client.js loading for all major browsers.
5) Supporting for separate domain for Faye server without subpath.
I just launched my fork of private_pub with debugging and CoffeeScript version of assets. In TODO I want to add callbacks support after subscribing and unsubscribing feature.
I wrote a short post how to easy secure any column in database with Rails3.
I just launched rsipgate - refactored version of sipgate gem to proper sending faxes via sipgate from ruby.