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scsmith — 8 posts

In this blog post I added a Sinatra web interface to the LightwaveRF gem allowing you to control devices in your house with an HTTP GET.
I recently got to play with the LightwaveRF Wifi Link box a home automation device to control lightbulbs, sockets etc. In this blog post I describe how you can use Ruby and UDP to use it to control the devices in your house.
In this post I outline what's needed to use the Paperclip gem and Mail gems to take the images received via email and store them in Paperclip.
One of the most frequent questions we are asked at CloudMailin is how can you develop your application and receive email offline, without opening ports, in a Rails app. In this Blog Post I discuss just how easy it is to test incoming email.
Announcing Multipart Body
When we created CloudMailin we needed to create multipart bodies to post emails as HTTP content. We couldn't find a standalone gem to create this content so we wrote our own code. Over the weekend we released this code as a gem. It's far from perfect and we need help making it better but hopefully it will help others. Read more here.
There are loads of options for sending email in Rails but when it comes to receiving email the options aren't quite so clear.

In this Blog Post I take a look at some of the options available to get incoming email in Rails 3 and some of the things worth considering.
Rails Style Partials in Sinatra
We love Sinatra, as well as using it in its own right, we sometimes use it to let designers create haml and sass. The other day the question of "How do I create a partial using sinatra?" arose.
Slugs are bad kids. I know rails 2.3 is obsolete now that 3.0 is on the cards ;-) but slugs_are_bad is a plugin that allows you to create slug-less url's for your rails app without having to make too many changes to your code. I created a quick blog post to explain the plugin here.