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wyeworks — 32 posts

ActiveModel::Serializers rewrite branch the next 0.9.0.pre version was pushed to github. See this blog post for more information.
Rails 4 compilation links
Curated compilation of interesting links. I encourage everyone to help making this grow and by giving a look at the links start guides about specific topics
Rails 4 in 30 minutes slides
Rails 4 in 30 minutes slides
Rails 4 in a MindNode
Rails 4 in a MindNode
Ruby Refinements landed in trunk.
Rails for API applications (rails-api) released
In this opportunity I’ll explain (as the title suggests) how to go from a brand new mac os x to running Rails full article
Santiago Pastorino posted about it here.
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Rails 3.1 HackFest
Have you ever wanted to contribute back to Rails? This is the opportunity you've been looking for. The Rails core team is organizing a Rails 3.1 HackFest on the weekend of July 23rd and 24th!!!
Developing successful client relationships are critical to any business. Preserving these relationships is crucial for making the time spent on projects more enjoyable and satisfying, as well as for referrals and future business. more...
José Costa from WyeWorks has interviewed Caike Souza from EnvyLabs, enjoy it.
Check out Metaprogramming in Ruby slides from his talk at RubyConf Uruguay.
How Santiago Pastorino, co-founder of WyeWorks, went from Ruby newbie to Rails Core in 2 years interview here.
Time has come for me to write a Rails generator ...
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RailsConf 2010: Interview with George Guimarães.
RailsConf 2010: Interview with Fabio Akita. Very interesting thoughts on Ruby and Rails community.
Brief explanation on how to upload files using Paperclip using DataMapper and Sinatra.
Check it out here
3 Ways to Retrieve a Twitter List Timeline using Twitter gem and a new one thanks to this commit by Santiago Pastorino now included on twitter 0.8.3
Santiago Pastorino shares his first Bugmash experience.
We made modifying a Recurring Billing Transaction with BeanStream gateway on Active Merchant possible!
Check it out: Active Merchant Recurring Billing - Part 2 .
We have updated My Emacs for Rails check it here
Active Merchant Recurring Billing
My Emacs for Rails
Santiago Pastorino's Emacs for Rails. It's the init file and a set of plugins to give a nicer experience on Ruby on Rails development. Enjoy it.
Scheduling in Ruby
Scheduling in Ruby
Scheduling tasks is something we all need to know to do, for it’s quite common in applications...
Method missing use case
Method missing to simplify queries to an external service, is a nice example on how you can use method_missing as a proxy to external API calls.
Drag & Drop Sortable Lists
A common (yet pretty) requested feature easily explained. Check it here.
Usage scenario of video inspection using RVideo. Check it here.
Rails delegate method
Delegation is a feature Rails introduced in it’s 2.2 version, and in my opinion are quite useful and somehow something we don’t see too much around.
Wildcard Search with Thinking Sphinx explained by José Costa.
Paperclip File Rename
Santiago Pastorino shares with us "Paperclip file rename", a way for paperclip to "normalize" the file name using paperclip interpolations.