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xdite — 12 posts

I recently build a Markdown Blogging Platform : Logdown .

These techniques are extracted from Logdown. Turtorial here.
Bootstrap Helper now support Rails 4.0+

gem "bootstrap_helper",""
I just wrote a f reading list of learning Ruby on Rails. check it out.
I just wrote a gem : Bootstrappers , it can instantly create a Rails app with Bootstrap theme and other goodies.welcome to fork and add new features, thanks!
Use Rails to process massive data, I think there are several things you should know. From Ruby Tuesday #21 @ Taiwan.
Here are my three tips for speedup asset pipeline precompile process:
1. Capistrano deployment speedup
2. Use @import carefully.
3. don’t require .scss & .coffee for no reason

I post the article on stackoverflow.
I just wrote an article about project name SEO.

Ruby naming convention told Ruby developer to name everything with underscore. So every developer names their projects with underscore.

But it’s a giant SEO mistake: Search Engine treats snake_keywords as CamelKeywords. If your project’s name contains meaningful keywords, it won’t be matched. Because “snake_keywords” means “SnakeKeyword” not “snake keywords”.
I just extract my own random solution to a gem . This solution is based on this post. - It is fast more than you think. Check it out!
I just released a gem boorstrap_helper. It auto generates twitter bootstrap HTML codes including menu, breadcrumb, notice_message, form and other stuffs.
ORDER by RAND() in MySQL is super slow. Jan Kneschke had wrote a article ORDER BY RAND() 3 years ago.This article explains a lot about his alternative ORDER BY RAND solution

But it's find_by_sql version, I just refactor it to scope version THE BETTER WAY TO ORDER BY RAND in scope. And discuss more scenarios.
Owning Basic Rails in 7 days
A few days ago I wrote a book Rails - 101, it' about how to owning basic Rails in 7 days. Everyone knows the learning curve of Rails is alyways too high for beginners. You can't find too much good developers in the market. In my past career, I had trained 3 profession Rails teams, over 10+ Rails developers, lead them from novice to professional. The secret is I write a tutorial to eliminate the learning curve that time. This tutorial covers many basic but important intrusions and exercises, to help them cross the first stage. So they can easily own Rails in 7 days, not months. Now, this tutorial becomes book Rails - 101. Check it out ! More story about this book.
For some special eeds, I need to deploy my application on CentOS 5.5. So I developed rails-nginx-passenger-centos. check this out