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zacksiri — 23 posts

In this episode we talk about arguments, methods and method arguments
We show you how to work with YAML files in Ruby ~ 13 minute video for beginners
We show you how you can build a custom query using AREL in this video tutorial.
We show you some eager loading techniques in this ~ 13 minute video.
We show you in a ~10 minute video how to do associations count without resorting to counter caches.
In this ~8 minute episode we introduce you to the N+1 Problem.
We show you how to use the Array#map and Multiple Assignments to help clean up some code ~ 6 Minute Video
We show you how to setup ruby for development on OSX in a ~ 5 minute video.
We introduce you to the Message Verifier feature in Rails 4.1 ~ 11 Minutes video
We show you some basic data types in ruby ~10 minutes Video
We show you how to turn your rails console into a powerful tool! ~ 5 minutes youtube video
We show you how to get up and running with the writefully gem ~ 13 Minute Video
We show you why and how you would use enum in your app Rails 4.1 Enum (~ 6 minutes)
In this episode we show you how to optimize the response for our mobile site Video on Youtube.
A gem for using your github repository as a content management system Writefully
In this episode we take a look at how Framework7 structures it's content. We try out a few examples from the kitchen sink provided by Framework7's documentation. 14 minute Video tutorial.
In this episode we show you (13:24 minutes) how to integrate a mobile framework into a Rails application.
Rails 4.1 Variants
In this episode we show you how to use the new Rails 4.1 feature Rails 4.1 Variant (3.28 minutes)
In this epic episode we show you how to clean up the interface for our analytics system. We show you what we call "Wish Driven Development" where you decide what the domain specific language should look like or how it should work and use that as a starting point.
In this episode we show you how to track page views and unique visitors in a Rails application Analytics with Redis part 3.
We show you how to be the data collection using redis INCR and SETS Video / Article
I just launched and yada yada.

One of the great benefits of redis is that it’s a datastore that writes to memory and asynchronously writes to disk. Which means you can write lots of things into it in a very small amount of time. Video / Article
Ruby hash selector help clean up your code Ruby Hash Selector Pattern Video / Article.