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zenchild — 14 posts

I just released the first BETA version of the long-time coming, Viewpoint 1.0.0. Give it a shot and submit some pull requests or issues. Viewpoint Github page
I am currently re-writing the Viewpoint for Exchange Web Services gem and was hoping to get some use-cases from people so I know better how to drive the features. If you use the gem I would appreciate your input over here. Especially if you have any stories of scaling with it. Many Thanks!.
I just pushed out version 0.5.0 of viewpoint-spws; a rewrite of the previously named viewpoint_spws library. It allows one to talk to Sharepoint through its web services. There is still a lot that needs to be done but the library allows for some basic List manipulation. Viewpoint-SPWS
I just pushed out version 1.1.0 of the Ruby GSSAPI library.
Changes include:
* cleaner loading of MIT or Heimdal libraries (your choice)
* Added support for Ruby 1.8.x because of requests to do so.
* Some minor fixes and improvements to the Simple wrapper
* additional examples
I just re-licensed Ruby-GSSAPI under the MIT license.
The capistrano_winrm extension just reached version 1. It allows for finer-grained connections to Windows servers as well as Kerberos authentication and encryption to remote boxes on an Active Directory domain. More info here.
Just pushed out version 1.0rc1 of the Ruby WinRM gem. With it you can run a Windows cmd shell or powershell scripts from Linux or MacOS. This version brings a lot of new features including Krb5 authentication and message encryption for Active Directory connected hosts. Instead of the WinRM service configuration that was once needed with the prior gem you can now simply do a 'winrm quickconfig' on the Windows node and you're off. gem install winrm --version=1.0.0rc1 or check it out on github:
Just published a blog post on creating a Kerberized client/server app in Ruby
Just release a GSSAPI for Ruby: gssapi on Github

It supports GSS Authentication via Kerberos as well as encrypted message passing.
Just published a gem that allows you to use WinRM for MS Windows systems in Capistrano:
How I learned to stop worrying and manage Windows from Linux.
I just launched a BETA release of my newly improved Exchange Web Services library, Viewpoint. The blog post can be found here:
Just posted: Using Ruby + OpenSSL with SSH keys
I just posted a blog about using OpenSSL to do string/file encryption => OpenSSL String Encryption.