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zmoazeni — 10 posts

Ever wanted to find out right away how many repeated rules you have in your CSS stylesheets? Well now you can with csscss. Just run it against a series of stylesheets and it will report how much duplication is going on.

It is installable via rubygems:

$ gem install csscss
$ csscss path/to/styles.css
There's a current issue with ActiveResource raising the error `Hash::DisallowedType: Disallowed type attribute: "yaml"` when requesting XML from Rails v3.0.19. It should be fixed soon in v3.0.20. You can find more information in our blog post.
If you're supporting multiple ruby platforms, you can combine RVM and Bundler for testing compatibility.
If you’re like me, most of your day is working in Git and RVM. I am frequently typing git branch to remember what branch I’m on, and rvm gemdir to remember what ruby version and gemset I’m using. With all those wasted cycles, there has to be a better way. And there is.
In response to a post advocating custom cucumber steps, I wrote a rebuttal arguing for reusable steps.
Be a Better Storyteller
One of our guys posted his thoughts on better way to phrase user stories.
After having some headaches testing with sunspot, we brainstormed a pattern to launch a sunspot instance while testing. After successfully using it for a while, we decided to release the pattern as a gem so you can enjoy it. Check out sunspot_test and our blog post describing it.
I just wrote an article Bundler Makes Contributing to RubyGems Easier which details a workflow on how you can use Github/Bundler to contribute patches to projects while keeping your own project on track.
Following our series on Solr/Sunspot I wrote a blog post showing how you can configure Solr and Sunspot to search within a word. Such as searching for "Awe" within "Awesome".
We're starting a series on Solr and Sunspot because it's just plain awesome. I posted an intro to solr/sunspot this morning.