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zquestz — 2 posts

I just launched fp-sin an async Sinatra shell with all the goodies. Included is rack-fiber_pool, em-mysql2, em-synchrony, em-http-request, sinatra-activerecord, i18n, less, dalli, and convenient hashing functions for cache keys. Due to the popularity of em-shorty, I figured I would put this together so people could quickly integrate it in their own Sinatra projects. Oh and don't forget the included console provided by tux.
Meet em-shorty, a modern URL shortener. This Sinatra app is completely async by using rack-fiber_pool and em_mysql2. If you have been curious about how async Sinatra works, this is a good sample to get you started. It's even setup with sinatra-activerecord so you have standard migrations and several database connectors to choose from.

There is a full API. It's easy to create or query urls in XML/JSON/YAML. Lots of things were done to add polish, including localization, less support for stylesheets, Bundler and RVM to make installation a breeze, and of course a thorough test suite. The code is at Clipboard support is provided by ZeroClipboard. BTW, the screencast that started this little project deserves some credit.