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Introducing Affect - a new gem implementing algebraic effects in Ruby

Affect is a tiny Ruby gem providing a way to isolate and handle side-effects in your Ruby programs. It can make it easier to test your code, and provide a cleaner separation between your program logic and external entities such as I/O, databases, files etc. Affect is also useful for implementing dependency injection. Go read the docs.

nice_hash creates hashes following patterns

NiceHash creates hashes following certain patterns so your testing will be much easier. Parse and filter JSON. You can easily generate all the hashes you want following the criteria you specify. Many other features coming to Hash class like the methods ‘bury’ or select_key, access the keys like methods: my_hash.my_key.other_key. You will be able to generate thousands of different hashes just declaring one and test easily APIs based on JSON for example. Perfect to be used in test data factories

Ruby Refactoring series of videos

Over the last month, I’ve been experimenting with a code taken from a Ruby Refactoring kata called Tennis Game. I’m applying many different techniques to learn from the existing code and to shape a better code. Some of those refactorings are simple, like extracting paramater objects, some are bigger like turning code into data. [more inside]

Ruby Conferences 'n' Camps in 2019 Update - What's Upcoming in July? Aug? Sept? Oct?

Hello, I’ve updated the Ruby Conferences ‘n’ Camps in 2019 - What’s Upcoming? Calendar page @ Planet Ruby. What’s upcoming? The line-up includes: Thu-Fri Jul/25-27 (3d) - RubyConf Kenya @ Nairobi, Kenya ++ Fri+Sat Jul/26+27 (2d) - RubyConf Taiwan @ Taipei, Taiwan ++ Thu+Fri Aug/1+2 (2d) - Southeast Ruby @ Nashville, Tennessee, United States ++ Sat Aug/10 (1d) - Deccan RubyConf @ Pune, Maharashtra, India ++ Fri+Sat Sep/6+7 (2d) - RubyConf Thailand @ Bangkok, Thailand ++ Sat+Sun Sep/14+15 (2d) - Kyiv RubyC @ Kyiv, Ukraine ++ Fri+Sat Sep/20+21 (2d) - RubyConf Colombia @ Medellín, Colombia ++ Sun Sep/29 (1d) - RubyConf Indonesia @ Jakarta, Indonesia ++ Thu+Fri Oct/3+4 (2d) - Ancient City Ruby @ Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States ++ Happy meeting up with rubyists in 2019. Cheers. Prost.

Migrating from jquery-ujs to rails-ujs

This post guides you through some gotchas that may hit you when trying to migrate from the jQuery unobtrusive JS adapter to the Rails UJS one that is included in Rails 5.1+. [more inside]

Heroku vs self-hosted PaaS

This article explores Heroku and self-hosted “Heroku likes” such as Dokku and CapRover as well as Rancher and Flynn [more inside]

tty-logger - readable logging for the terminal

The tty-logger lets you log messages with a readable, structured and beautiful output. It boasts many features including logging to any IO stream, metadata info such as time, date, location and ability to customise console output style. Enjoy!

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