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Dr Jekyll's Themes Adds Trending Page - Most Starred Static Website Jekyll Themes

Hello, I’ve relaunched the Dr Jekyll’s Themes front page / site. Now showing the top themes, the latest (newest) themes, the trendiest (most starred this month), and the first of all 200+ on the front page. The new trending page shows the most starred (fastest growing) this month. Congrats to Michael Rose’s Minimal Mistakes (⇑377) for the trendiest static website theme. Happy publishing w/ Jekyll. PS: Dr Jekyll’s is (of course) built w/ Jekyll ;-) and open source ‘n’ public domain.

Crystal, TDD and Conway's Game of life

The Game of Life is a cellular automation devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. I’ve been using it as a challenge to learn and teach programming languages in the past 5 years. [more inside]

Crystal is quite intriguing.

Html2Docx Gem

Html2Docx gem first relase. This version include paragraph style and inline tags supporting. I will implement table, image, links, heading and table of contents. [more inside]

Basically Basic, Minimal Mistakes, HPSTR & More - Jekyll Themes by Michael Rose

Hello, to celebrate Jekyll passing ★30 000 GitHub stars (the fastest growing web framwork in Ruby today ;-)) - lets also celebrate and thank Michael Rose for the outstanding (free, open source, and well-documented) static website themes incl. Basically Basic, Minimal Mistakes, HPSTR, So Simple & Skinny Bones. PS: You might also enjoy Michael Rose’s classic How I’m Using Jekyll in 2016. Happy publishing w/ Jekyll & friends.

Git Cop 1.0.0

Having worked on many teams where Git commit messages have been non-descriptive; hard to reason about what has been committed; inconsistent; and so forth, I’m happy to announce the release of Git Cop 1.0.0. Now you have a tool, like Rubocop, that will help ensure good Git behavior on your feature branches so undesired commits never make it to master! Git Cop can be wired in as a Git Hook or, better yet, be added as part of your build process so feature branch builds fail if commits are bad (recommended). Let feature branch code reviews be focused on architecture and high level discussions while Git Cop takes care of reviewing Git commit behavior. All Git Cop checks are completely customizable for your team’s style guide, see the README for details. [more inside]

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