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Scout releases ScoutProf: turbo-charge your transaction traces

If you use rack-mini-profiler or New Relic, you’ve probably seen a big ‘ol block of “executing action” or “Controller” time and wondered: “what’s happening here?”. ScoutProf builds on the rb_profile_frames() api to break down time spent in your custom Rails code.

Little-known but Useful Rails Features: ActiveRecord.extending

Every now and then I discover some features in Rails that are not that (arguably) commonly used, but there are some use cases when they turn out to be super useful and the best tool for the job. One of them would definitely be a nice addition to ActiveRecord::QueryMethods - extending method. Let’s see how it could be used in the Rails apps [MORE INSIDE]

How to call services asynchronously in Ruby?

Sometimes you want to retrieve data from different sources at once, why not to use threads to do that in parallel? In this example you can see how to use concurrent-ruby and dry-monads to write asynchronous code in Ruby. You can also compare it to Java version.

Promotion idea for ruby on rails theme

We create ruby on rails themes and going to distribute promotional USB Drives free among our customers.this is printed usb with our logo and contact info. is it good idea to promote ruby on rails themes?

@KALOYAN YORDANOV how you can say? this is not spam and i am not forcing you to…
@WOAKS123 It IS self-promoting post. Share your commercial ideas on Reddit or F…
@WOAKS123 Ah, yeah, and if you are creating Ruby on Rails “themes” like you sai…
@KALOYAN YORDANOV where is the word of buy in my post? lolz

football.json - New 2016/17 Season - Free open public domain football data in JSON

Hello, I’ve updated the /football.json repo / service that offers (auto-)generated match schedules (fixtures and results) and club listings for the major football leagues e.g. English Premier League, Deutsche Bundesliga, Primera División, Italian Seria A, etc. See the 2016-17 season folder for (static) JSON examples. No API key required ;-) All data public domain. Enjoy the beautiful game. Cheers. PS: Ruby works great for generating JSON; see the json.rb script for the code.

From monolithics to microservices.

This is not another post about application architectures but a software design instead. I bet you are a bit lost with the heading, keep reading, I will take you there. Read more

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