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Watch out for Ruby blocks scope gotcha

Blocks are probably one of the best parts of Ruby. They bring much of its flexibility and power. They have their own scope and can be used to create closures. This lead me to introduce a bug in an app recently. Read more…

Social Media Monitoring with Source Code

Apphera 3.0 is about to be released and comes as annual subscription including Ruby source code. Besides social media monitoring (Twitter, Facebook etc) we added comprehensive competitor analyses and also new with Email campaign tools including a data miner to extract emails from the Internet for business to business (!!) campaigns (don’t spam please). As always I will also add a open source/free version of my Rails based platform. This time I added a Node-Red based tool to the mix as it allows to create work flows in a graphical way.

blockchainlite gem / library - build your own blockchain with crypto hashes in ruby

Hello, I’ve bundled up the blockchain.rb sample from Awesome Blockchains into a ready-to-use out-of-the-box enterprise-strength blockchain library called blockchain.lite. Use like: b0 = Block.first( "Genesis" ); b1 = b0, "Transaction Data..." ) ... and so on. Revolutionize the world with blockchains, blockchains, blockchains one block at a time. Happy blockchaining with ruby. PS: Proof-of-work upcoming :-)

tty-file v0.4.0 release

The latest tty-file apart from bug fixes adds a new tail_file api which can be used for reading files backwards. By default 10 lines are read which can be configured. Enjoy!

Roda 3.0.0 Released

Roda 3.0.0 has been released. This release of the web toolkit offers better performance, raises errors instead of silently ignoring unsupported matchers or block results, and has more secure defaults.

Security Updates for Ruby

New Ruby versions released with security updates as four new CVEs have been publish on September 14th, 2017. [more inside]

Use DidYouMean in your own code

DidYouMean, bundled with recent Ruby versions, does pretty error messages with suggestions, like undefined method 'cover' for 1..10:Range. Did you mean? cover?. If you want to implement the same functionality for your own entities (some tags, lexemes or metaprogrammed things), you will probably find this small wrapper gem useful.

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