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The Secret Life of Your Database, Part 2: Join Tables

When it comes to databases, there’s two schools of thought: those who hate them, and those who love them. Databases can be complicated, especially when you try to query for data from different tables! This blog post explores the secret life of your database using join tables, and includes some cool SQL queries and diagrams to boot!

New kid on the block: Spina CMS

In the last couple of years we’ve developed a new Rails-based CMS we like to call Spina. We use it for most of our clients. We’ve open sourced it and are hoping some people will like it as well. We’re new to maintaining an open source project and would very much appreciate any feedback. [more inside]

Looks really exciting! A breath of fresh air in ruby/rails CMS’s community …

Why I loved the 2015 Railsconf Keynote

This year Rails 5 will be released and the Railsconf keynote held by DHH presents the rationale behind its latest developments. In the following I’ll show you why I think we are riding the good Rails and how to apply the right amount of criticism around the Rails’ author point of view. [more inside]

Upload video files with progress bar using Rails, Paperclip and Javascript

Rails does not help much when dealing with AJAX uploads by means of external JS libraries. I recently came across a case where a developer was struggling to use JS to upload a video to a Rails backend. The main reason to use JS was to have a progress bar, something that is missing in the Rails world. In this blog post I’ll show you how to implement the functionality in the simplest case possible. [more inside]

ANN Lotus v0.3.2

Automatic secure cookies, action file send and routing helpers, optional contents for views, Lotus.root and bug fixes.

Submit your Talk Proposal for Rubyconf Brasil!

This month we opened up the Call for Proposals website for the 8th edition of Rubyconf Brasil. We’ve been running this conference for 8 years in a row and it’s the largest Ruby conference in Latin America amassing around 1k attendees. Also, if your company is interested in reaching out to this large Ruby community, let us know. We will have a brand new conference format this year, read the description at the CFP site.

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