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stop_watch gem released!

New stop_watch gem for marking times like a stopwatch timer. Useful for games and benchmarking. See: stop_watch. Used in faster_path for creating visual benchmarks. (Built with a different design and purpose from the Rails/Rake stopwatch gem.)

Rails Chat Application

Have you ever dreamed about creating your own Chat Application that works in real time like Facebook Messenger? It’s possible in Rails and you can finally do this thanks to our new tutorials! [more inside]

Brains - Machine Learning using JRuby

This gem allows you to easily get started with machine learning on ruby. Design to be no nonsense and straightforward to use with the right mix of usability and performance. Features a simple feedforward neural network implementation with built-in backprop training functions. [more inside]

Awesome! Thanks for detailed readme :)

RubyPlus Podcast Episode 25

This episode covers JSONlite by Justin Keller : A simple, self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, json document store. This is written in Python. It would be nice to develop a Ruby gem that has the same functionality. It should be easier to setup and use. For more stories listen to the episode now.

Generate web fonts from your SVG icons with Iconly

Iconly is a Rails engine that allows you to import your SVG icons and then create web fonts for your projects. It allows you to add only the icons your project needs, not hundreds of them. And if you’ll be using Bootstrap 4, that doesn’t include glyphicons, then you might be needing this. It is also the engine behind the website, that allows hosting of up to 5 free projects.

Podcast on TDD, Ruby, and Rails

Podcast conversation with Noel Rappin (author of Rails 4 Test Prescriptions), Sam Phippen (RSpec core team and frequent speaker on testing), and Justin Searls (maintainer of a bunch of testing tools, and frequent speaker and blogger on testing). [more inside]

Faster CI builds using an in-memory database

What if you could get some speed improvement for your database intensive tests for free? In my test, I got 32% speed improvement by using in-memory database with tmpfs file storage. Give it a try yourself and see what you get out of it.

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