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Opalist Newsletter Has Reached Issue 10

The Opal ecosystem continues to thrive, and projects like react.rb and Volt, opal-irb and Clearwater, are proving that front-end development via Opal has some real perks and some major productivity gains to offer (not to mention just plain Ruby fun!). Opalist keeps you up-to-date on the latest news around the Opal web. Check out Opalist Issue #10 here!

Locally Sourced: Using Tests to Add a Feature to a Rails Application

Noel Rappin has released a new sort-of book, “Locally Sourced: Adding a Feature to a Rails Application”, which describes the entire process of building features into Rails including integration and unit testing, and also covers the difference between traditional and mock tests. Get the issue at Support a Patreon campaign for more content at 404 … It’s working for me, you’re seeing a …
This line: Get the issue at has a…

Inflections Everywhere: Using ActiveSupport Inflector

Grammar is important, especially when it comes to following Rails conventions. But grammar is also hard, and languages have all sorts of exceptions! Rails’ ActiveSupport::Inflector is a great tool when it comes to handling these linguistic roadblocks. This blog post walks through using the Inflector and writing your own custom inflections.

How To Install and Use Ruby-Prof Gem

Ruby-Prof is a performance tuning tool for Ruby based applications. As a C extension, it is much faster than standard Ruby-profiler and support both flat and graph profiles. Read full article on RailsCarma Blog

JSON Validation by Committee

I have penned the second of two posts talking about JSON API documentation and validation with Ruby. Learn how to use the prmd and committee gems do test, document, and validate (in production, no less) the data provided to and by your API

Colt 0.3.0 Released

Added update credit card expiration, add new default credit card and save credit card features. Check out the Colt Gem

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