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What Options Can Be Passed to the Active Storage #variant Method?

When Rails adds a large new feature like Active Storage, it takes some time before good Internet resources and documentation become available for it. This can be a challenge when learning how to use the variant method for image transformations. Not only does it take a lot of options, but the format of those options isn’t obvious. To make it easier, check out the resources and tips I’ve compiled here:

Gem for ruby-graphql authorization

As ruby-graphql do not come with the built-in authorization support, we’ve come with our own solution . Right now we support only CanCanCan and Pundit for checking abilities (and of course passing procs), but it’s fairly easy to extend it. Feedback and contributions are welcome!

There is . at the end of your url ;)
OMG : Fixed, thanks Jean!

PostgreSQL vs MySQL

There are many databases out there but most web applications developed using an open-source web framework use either PostgreSQL or MySQL. I’ve been asked by many clients over the years why they should use PostgreSQL over MySQL for their Ruby on Rails application. [more inside]

Validating the Content-Type of Active Storage Attachments

Full validation support for Active Storage attachments won’t be arriving until Rails 6. Until then you’ll need to write your own custom validators to add this missing functionality. Last time I showed you how to write an attachment presence validator. Next I’ll share a validator which can restrict the content-type of your attachments. Drop this bit of code and its accompanying RSpec matcher into your project to tide you over until the next Rails release.

The nil value in Ruby

In this article we’re going to explore the following topics:

CanCanCan that scales

A simple explanation on how to use CanCanCan so that it scales with your application and does not impact your performances. The method is very simple and allows you to separate permissions for each model as Pundit does. [more inside]

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