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Graph algorithms in Ruby

This is some of the code I wrote while studying some famous graph algorithms. If you are curious how Dijkstra, Breath/Depth first search, Kosaraju and others would look like in Ruby, check it out.

Just how fast is Heroku compared to Shelly Cloud

Nowadays, there are various different solutions for hosting Ruby applications. According to the Rails Hosting Survey 2014, one of the most common ways (47%) is to use Cloud-based hostings such as Heroku or Shelly Cloud. Doing this simplifies the entire deployment process to a minimum, and also does not require any additional people in your team to manage servers. The final choice will always depend on many factors, such as support quality, deployment simplicity, and performance to name just a few. Today, I will try to show you how fast Heroku and Shelly Cloud really are. [more inside]


A simple gem that can generate slugs. [more inside]

does it work like friendly_id ?
Looks great. Fantastic list of accents. FYI: An alternative asciify and slugify…
Duncan: Friendly_id is ActiiveRecord specific. AgnosticSlugs is… agnostic about…
Gerald: Thanks for the tip. Will look into textutils :)

Delegating All of The Things With Ruby Forwardable

Refactoring your code is hard. You know your code needs to improve, but you don’t know how to do it. Ruby’s Forwardable module can sometimes be a great solution for refactoring. After you read this post, you might be compelled to delegate all of the things. You’ve been warned!

Organizing Data: Self Encapsulation

First in a series of posts about Refactoring’s “Organizing Data” patterns. I started off with Self Encapsulate Field, not because it’s anything earth-shattering, but because code that doesn’t do it drives me a little bit crazy. Design is Refactoring

Sink Utility

Sink is a ruby gem that was inspired by the DDoS of github, it was created to help keep its users secure in knowing that their repo is safer as it’s shared among several hosting services rather than one. These current hosting services are bitbucket and github, Sink is early days and contributions are encouraged, as is reporting issue, Thanks. Our Github Our Rubygems Page

Rack Middleware

Recently I tried to explain how Rack middleware works to a friend and I ended writing this small post on how to add two simple middleware to a Rack application. I hope it’s useful!

Table output generation with tty-table

With tty-table you can create tables to render back to terminal, CSV or any output you fancy. With custom renderers you can style your tables the way you like it. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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