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Ruby Podcast Episode 12

Learn about lambda calculus, advanced sql in rails, mutation testing, new rails 5 framework defaults and more in the Ruby Plus podcast episode 12

active_record_doctor 1.2.0 released

active_record_doctor helps you to identify database issues before they hit production. Version 1.2.0 can index foreign keys lacking an index and detect extraneous indexes (e.g. ones that can be replaced by a multi-column index) and take unique constraints into account.

How to use protected_attributes in Rails 5

Did you know that the only thing stopping you from using protected_attributes in Rails 5 is the gem dependencies and a small patch to ActiveRecord::Core. The rails repo of protected_attributes is not longer supported and issues and PR’s are denied. I have created the continuation of that gem protected_attributes_continued which supports Rails 5!

Why would you want to do that?

What kind of tests should I write for my project?

Should I test my project? Should I write dozens of tests for each feature? What kind of tests should I focus on? Not all projects are created equal - testing is the same. Sometimes you need to test hard, sometimes you don’t. I’m sharing a few observations on testing from my 16 yrs experience as a software developer. Test fundamentalists do not open ;-)

Scheduling Recurring Events with Ice Cube Gem

Ice_cube is a ruby library for effectively taking care of repeated events (schedules). The force lies in the ability to indicate multiple rules, and have ice_cube rapidly make sense of whether the schedule falls on a specific date (.occurs_on?), or what times it… read more

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