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tty v0.4.0 released + website updated

tty packs new upgraded versions of all its dependencies from tty-* ecosystem including new ones such as tty-color. For easy of references and documentation you can use updated website API section.

Chad Fowler Interview

The Passionate Programmer on Developer On Fire I interviewed Chad Fowler on my podcast. He told outstanding stories about not only life in software, but life itself. Amazing guy and he absolutely rocked the interview. His advice on being deliberate, favoring mindfulness, and empathy are solid. I think you’ll like this one.

Eileen Uchitelle Interview

Eileen on Developer On Fire I interviewed Eileen Uchitelle on my podcast. The stories she shared were great and inspiring. She has a great perspective and was awesome in sharing what life is like for her at Basecamp and how she has gotten to where she is, Rails 5, and becoming a speaker despite the petrifying fear.

Rails: MVP vs prototype

The thing that Rails allows us is to build a real MVP and not only a prototype. That’s what Rails is optimized for. [more inside]

Why do you need arel?

I think Arel is one of the most underestimated gems. The post is about a real use-case scenario when Arel can be effectively better than ActiveRecord.

Where and why I'm still using Rails

I’ve had many interesting conversations with experienced Ruby/Rails programmers recently. One of the topics that often pops up is when it makes sense (for us) to still use Rails, given the variety of other choices. This blogpost aims to summarize some of views here.

How to Remove a Column with Zero Downtime in Ruby on Rails

For a production Ruby on Rails application, uptime is paramount. Altering the structure of an application’s persistence layer is an operation that competes directly with uptime. Specifically, removing a table column within a relational database causes issues with the ActiveRecord ORM. This particular pain point has been removed as of Ruby on Rails 4.0.0, saving developers a lot of headache and greatly reducing the need for structural change coordination.

Octopress 3 (Jekyll’s Ferrari) Docu Reformatted as a Single-Page B-n-W Book

Hello, As a follow-up idea to the Jekyll Docu (Book Edition). Another idea / experiment: Let’s use the READMEs of all the great plugins and tools for Jekyll in the Octopress 3.0 toolkit and reformat it into a single-page black ‘n’ white book. Still early and a work-in-progess. See the source repo and the auto-generated book page using - of course - “plain” Jekyll w/ GitHub Pages. Let us know what you think. Has anyone migrated to Octopress 3.0 (from 2.0)? Cheers.

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