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Using Lambdas to Simplify Varying Behaviors in Your Code

This article discusses some techniques I’ve used to incorporate the benefits of functional programming into Ruby. Using enumerables and filters as examples, it shows how using callables such as lambdas can massively simplify the support of varying behaviors. [more inside]

Struct in Ruby

In this article, we’re going to explore the following topics:

Ruby Memory Profiling in Practice

When I only started programming I thought that profiling and optimization is hard. A recent task at work inspired me to write a post with real life cases on how one would deal with memory issues. Hopping that this may be encouraging for someone 😁 [more inside]

Indexes on Rails: How to Make the Most of Your Postgres Database

Optimizing database queries is arguably one of the fastest ways to improve the performance of the Rails applications. There are multiple ways how you can approach it, depending on the kind of a problem. N+1 queries seem to be a pretty common issue, which is, fortunately, easy to address. However, sometimes you have some relatively simple-looking queries that seem to take way longer than they should be, indicating that they might require some optimization. The best way to improve such queries is adding a proper index. [more inside]

[Podcast] Ruby Rogues - How to Contribute to Ruby with Sihui Huang

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panel talks to Sihui Huang about his article “How to Contribute to Ruby”. Sihui is currently a back-end engineer at Gusto, which is a startup that works with payroll, benefits, and HR for companies. They talk about her experience in the programming world, why she chose to work with Ruby, and they touch on her article and why she decided to write it. They also touch on the three focuses for Ruby 3, if she thinks Ruby has a long time future, and more! [more inside]

tabreader - read in tabular datafiles in text in the tab format; incl. why Tab != CSV

Hello, I’ve put together a new library / gem, that is, tabreader - that lets you read in tabular datafiles in text in the tab format; yes, uses values = line.split("/t") or use the packaged up TabReader.parse_line( ... ) or any of the convenience helpers incl. TabHashReader.parse for returning hashes (with named value pairs) instead of arrays (with a list of values by position/index). The readme includes why col_sep: "\t", quote_char: "∅" ) is NOT recommended and why tab is its own (simpler) format than the classic comma-separated values (csv) format. Happy data wrangling with ruby. Cheers. Prost.

Ruby logs and puts not shown in docker container logs

Given you are using Ruby 2.5.1 Docker image in Rails project, you may notice that no logs are beeing output to docker stdout (or docker compose stdout) output even when you configure your logger to be logger = [more inside]

I share a Ruby tip a day

I have gathered ruby tips for a few years. Now I want to give back and I created a twitter account and a newsletter where I share every day a ruby tip, in less than 20 lines, for beginners and experienced developers. [more inside]

Good tweeter :)
nice, man! 👍

Ruby Conference MY 2018

Dropping by to promote Ruby Conference MY 2018 happening on Oct 25 and 26 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Early bird tickets are only available until end of this month. Grab the tickets before it runs out! Remember to check out our great line up of speakers and buy the ticket!

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