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Solving Puzzles with Amb

Ever since an article about fibers, I was curious about an amb operator. Recently, I’ve solved a few classical problems using amb. The result turned out to be short, simple and declarative. Check it out

ActiveStorage Resumable

A blog post describing the suffering of a full-stack developer and also preseting ActiveStorage Resumable, an ActiveStorage extension that supports resumable uploads for Google Cloud Storage.

You haven’t included the link to the article ;)

strings-case release v0.1.0

The strings-case gem aims to help you transform any string into most popular cases, be it camelCase, snake_case, kebab-case, Title-case and more. It allows you to preserve acronyms and use a custom separator in case you need to change the default one.

Is it time to replace Rake?

We Ruby developers use Rake and Rakefiles for many of our build, test, and deployment scripts. Yet Rake has always felt a bit clumsy, and that shouldn’t be a surprise. It was actually not designed for most of what we use it for. Would a different tool work better? [more inside]

date-formats library / gem - read / parse dates (and times) from around the world

Hello, I’ve put together a date-formats library / gem that lets you read / parse date (and times) from around the world. Let’s try a French date e.g. DateFormats.parse( 'Lundi 1 Janvier', lang: 'fr') or a Spanish date e.g. DateFormats.parse( '1 Ene', lang: 'es' ) and so on. Happy date wrangling with ruby. Cheers. Prost. PS: Yes, you can add new (and more) formats using regular expressions / text patterns.

Clerq: requirements management, format, repository, CLI

Most of my work time I work with software requirements, and other items based on requirements, like estimations sheets. I write bulk documents and don’t like the behavior of big word processors (MS Word, LibraWriter, etc.) on bulk documents. I created a gem clerq that provides the ability to write big documents in small separate files using Markdown. More information you can get from README

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