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A Rubyist's Introduction to Character Encoding, Unicode and UTF-8

Have you ever dealt with a unicode bug? Where plain text — the substance you work with all day — can no longer be trusted? It can be disorienting to say the least! This article will help prepare you so that the next time that happens you’ll be able to spend less time hyperventilating and more time troubleshooting. Check it out on our blog:

planet.rb quick starter script v1.0 - (auto-)add blog posts to your (static) website

Hello, I’ve updated (and un-gemified) the planet.rb quick starter script v1.0 that lets you add articles & blog posts to your static (jekyll & friends) website via feeds (and planet pluto). Happy planet! Prosit 2020! PS: You can find a live sample “Planet Ruby” website built with the planet.rb quick starter script (and jekyll / github pages) online @ For a great real-world example / setup see the “Planet OpenSUSE - Linux OS” @

New tty-config release

This newest release of tty-config brings a shiny new marshalling API. You can customize existing marshallers or add new ones to serialize data to and from files. This release also expands the list of supported formats with HCL and Java properties. Enjoy!

Ruby Quiz - Challenge #16 - Build the Manuscripts Book Manifest for Documents in Mark

Hello, It’s Friday. Ruby Quiz time! Join us for the first challenge in the new year in 2020! Here we go: Challenge #16 - Build the Manuscripts Book Manifest for Documents in Markdown Let’s read documents in structured text with formatting conventions in markdown and build up the chapter outline / manifest for the Manuscripts book format… Post your code snippets on the “official” Ruby Quiz Channel, that is, the ruby-talk mailing list. Happy book manufacturing and text processing with Ruby.

Inside Bitcon's Proof-of-Work / Waste 10-Minute Mining Lottery

Hello, I’ve put together an step-by-step article that breaks down the “magic” of Bitcon’s proof-of-work / waste 10-minute mining lottery. Follow (or just read) along with with many ready-to-run examples (in ruby) including what’s your hash rate per seconds and more. Happy secure hashing and blockchaining with ruby. Bonus: Learn the secret How to Buy Bitcon (The CO₂-Friendly Way) by Trolly McTrollface.

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