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Beautiful Ruby, convenient Rails

In this blog post I want to reflect on things which make Ruby a beautiful language to read and write, and on things which make Ruby on Rails a convenient tool to quickly prototype.

Why Ruby?

I love Ruby as a language, it makes a lot of things easier and the rest of things pleasant. I talk about some of those things in Why ruby?

Recursion in Ruby

Exploring different ways to solve problems recursively in Ruby: Sum, Map, Factorials, Fibonacci, Reduce, comparing iterative solutions to their recursive counterparts.

The Secret Life of Your Database, Part 2: Join Tables

When it comes to databases, there’s two schools of thought: those who hate them, and those who love them. Databases can be complicated, especially when you try to query for data from different tables! This blog post explores the secret life of your database using join tables, and includes some cool SQL queries and diagrams to boot!

New kid on the block: Spina CMS

In the last couple of years we’ve developed a new Rails-based CMS we like to call Spina. We use it for most of our clients. We’ve open sourced it and are hoping some people will like it as well. We’re new to maintaining an open source project and would very much appreciate any feedback. [more inside]

Looks really exciting! A breath of fresh air in ruby/rails CMS’s community …
The community has needed a good CMS for a long time. It’s great to see people a…

Why I loved the 2015 Railsconf Keynote

This year Rails 5 will be released and the Railsconf keynote held by DHH presents the rationale behind its latest developments. In the following I’ll show you why I think we are riding the good Rails and how to apply the right amount of criticism around the Rails’ author point of view. [more inside]

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