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Be nice to others and your future-self: use Data Objects.

Data Objects explicitly define available attributes. This self-documentation is a great gift for other developers (and your future-self). In this blog post, I show the benefits of using Data Objects and how to use to Virtus to turn a complex data structure of nested hashes and arrays into Data Objects.

Safely Storing Your Assets: Paperclip With AWS + Heroku

Integrating the paperclip gem is fun until you realize that you have to configure your application to work with AWS and Heroku. Then it might become a little less fun. This blog post walks through the steps of safely storing your assets using AWS S3, Heroku, and how to correctly configure environment variables.

Faster Ruby Testing: Only Test What Matters

Automated testing is important. Fast, exhaustive automated testing is even more important. Tests are responsible for ensuring the code you spend hours creating actually works. A great test suite can be a safeguard against bugs, a directional guide towards extending the code, and an accurate measurement of the codebase’s health. The key to writing good tests is understanding where pieces of responsibility begin and end. Maintaining small concise automated tests can make all the difference.

A Recipe for Rails Continuous Integration

A basic CI process for a Rails app checks out the latest code and runs the test suite with rake. But there is so much more you can do with a good CI script. Here are my favorite techniques for using CI to run security analysis, automate Ruby and Bundler upgrades, test data migrations, and more. Get the most out of your CI!

The Cost of Using Ruby Gems

Gems are great but not when overused. Sometimes it’s better to think twice about resorting to using someone else’s code in your project. Jonasz Grochowski has some tips on that on the Ragnarson blog.

Web application Security Responsibility

Flicking of TV channels, clicks of mouse or the turning of newspapers pages would have inadvertently told you about the various hacking of mega corporations, with misappropriated data, personal and financial information. To read more, visit RailsCarma Blog


We sometimes face scenarios where we need same permitted attributes for a model in different controllers and end up re-writing all attributes again (violating DRY). Permittribute is meant to: - reuse same permitted attributes at different locations/controllers. - scope permitted attributes base on roles like admin, api etc. - group permitted attributes at a single reference point in their respective scopes. Read more…

Created new package (Eventsims)

Feel free to download my new package called Eventsims . It is a Ruby package for simulating discrete events and workplace scenario. A similar package that I made for Python users is called Eventsim and has an extra feature than the Ruby one. It can be found on the Pypi website

How to make $100K from OSS

Technical firms and individual developers release open-source as a low cost marketing strategy, then use other montization methods to profit from their hard work. [more inside]

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