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Made a library? Written a blog post? Found a useful tutorial? Share it with the Ruby community here or just enjoy what everyone else has found!

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LinkHum: humane link urlifier

LinkHum is humane, correct and customizable URL auto-linker in user-entered text. Just call LinkHum.urlify(any_text_with_urls) and there will be correct <a> tags. It tries hard to do the most reasonable thing even in complex cases.

Taskmanaging Your App, Part 1: Using Rake

Rake tasks: we all use them. But how exactly do they work? Where should you write them, and how do your tasks get interpreted? Here’s a blog post that dives down the rabbit hole of rake tasks, and how you can use them to task manage your applications!

Be aware about the out-of-memory killer

One of the most important things for applications is stability. There are various hosting platforms that give you virtual servers, where you can run multiple services. There is no limit to the number of processes so it is up to you how much of their resources will be used. However, exceeding all available RAM memory can result in poor stability or even a server crash. This article gives you some basic knowledge about the out-of-memory system state. [more inside]

"yamlsh": Interactive REPL for authoring YAML files

I released a YAML authoring interactive REPL called yamlsh. Multi-language support (for typical I18n translation files) and cross-files consistency checks are in the works. Check it out!

The first thing I tried in yamlsh was ls -R. That does not work… …
The first thing I thought when using this was, “awesome idea.” Thanks Franck! …

Ruby Module

An exceptionally productive web application framework, Ruby on Rails is optimized for programmer delight and sustainable output. Read more...

Rack: Writing middleware

Second part of my series about Rack. This time, the topic is writing Rack middleware. You can read the article here.

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