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Dr Jekyll's Themes of the Month - August'15 Edition - Leonids, Video, Centrarium, etc

Hello, let’s welcome the August’15 Edition of the Dr. Jekyll’s Themes of the Month series that highlights ready-to-fork static site themes. The new themes include: Leonids by RenYuan Zou; Video by Max White; Centrarium by Ben Centra; Mickey by Vincent Chan; Material Design Lite (MDL) by Oscar Cortez and Planet Jekyll’s Starter (Minimal) by Gerald Bauer. Find all themes at the Dr. Jekyll’s Themes directory. Any theme missing? Add your theme! Cheers.

Lita 4.6 released

Hot on the heels of Lita 4.5, version 4.6 of Lita, the Ruby ChatOps framework, has been released. This release adds long-requested support for chat-service-specific APIs. The Slack adapter for Lita has also been updated to add support for sending Slack attachments from your bot. [more inside]

Trending Topics Using Twitter Gem

Go to our blog to learn how to implement trending topics into your Rails application using Twitter Gem.

That’s really hard to read - is there any chance of getting syntax highlighting…

How to use Rails ActiveJob

With Rails 4.2 came ActiveJob, a common interface to the many different queue and background workers popular in the Rails community. This article explores how it works and when it’s a good idea to take advantage of it.

Avoid these traps when nesting Ruby modules

But buried within Ruby’s nesting implementation - and Rails’ autoload system - are a few traps that can cause your code to fail in strange and wonderful ways. In this post, we’ll discuss the origin of these traps and how you can avoid them.

The common problem is that people misunderstand expressions like “module ConstA…

Exposing the code school lie

Take a look at a typical code school, and you’ll find a huge curriculum and a promise: “Work through our lessons, and you’ll be ready to work as a professional developer!” What actually happens…? - RubySteps

Creating an IRB-based Read-Eval-Print-Loop-console for your project

Recently I added a Read-Eval-Print-Loop-Console (REPL)-console to the aruba-project as playground for our users similar to the one you find in rails. This article first shows you aruba’s console a bit and then describes how you can build your own console in Ruby with some help of IRB.

Express yourself

Just published a blog post about some points on Ruby’s expressiveness and using it. Check it out here.

Alias method for #call()

This is a cool thing I just found out. Ruby has an alias to the #call() method which I didn’t know about. [more inside]

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