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Image Placeholder for your development environment

Some time ago I was working together with Szymon on one of our clients web application. We used copy of products catalog coming from production server on our development machines. What we were lacking were product photos, causing application layout to look poorly and making any CSS job hard. We tried to find a smart solution for that case.

Mastering data structures in Ruby — Singly linked lists

This is the first post of a series I made on how to create essential data structures from scratch. So far the series covers singly linked lists, doubly linked lists, circular linked lists, stacks, queues, hash tables, sets, and binary trees (and there more coming soon!). Each data structure is covered in a brief post that explains in a casual tone the core aspects of each data structure. I hope you enjoy them!

finite_machine is back!

The finite_machine gem is back with improved APIs, faster execution times (2x more events fired per second), smaller memory footprint (2x fewer object allocations) and thread safety! Good place to start is at the FiniteMachine website.

تواصل الان معنا مع افضل العروض الرائعة من شركة نقل عفش بالطائف التى من خلا…
تواصل الان معنا مع افضل العروض الرائعة من شركة نقل عفش بالطائف التى من خلالها ن…

Headless browser testing with capybara-chrome

Test your latest Javascript with the most popular and modern web browser: Chrome. QtWebkit has become increasingly difficult to install, and requires shims for most modern Javascript techniques. Now you can swap out capybara-webkit for capybara-chrome and never worry about re-installing qt again. [more inside]

ElixirConf 2018: Thoughts on Elixir from a Ruby developer

Elixir has had my attention for awhile now and my interest in the language and community hasn’t wavered. ElixirConf offered me an opportunity to translate that interest into action. As an experienced Rubyist, I am pleased with my development experience, community support, and the capabilities of Ruby. Elixir offers these same benefits and adds features such as concurrency, fault tolerance, and speed to the mix. [more inside]

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