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MiniStatsD: A simple StatsD client in Ruby

This gem is simple and lightweight implementation of a StatsD client in ruby and can be installed without Node.js or any other javascript dependencies. [more inside]

Is this for debugging purpose mostly?
Yes, Robert. I use it only to have a mock Statsd server on my machine (and see …

You can finally properly develop Ruby projects on Windows!

The Windows 10 Anniversary is almost upon us, and I decided to test the latest Preview Release and it was a very good surprise: almost everything we need to develop Ruby projects is working just fine. Not just Ruby, but Javascript/Node, Crystal, Golang, they all work! Check out my review.

How we Integrate React with Rails at Ivy

We decided to roll our own React-Rails integration at Ivy six months ago ago, and we’ve never looked back. Read this clear guide to integrating React with your current Rails setup without sacrificing a complete, flexible front-end toolkit.

Why not use in addition? …
Cool - was not aware of that project. But our thinking was to use the right too…
Yoni - yes agreed - JS coding is best done (when you have to) in webpack land, …

Basic and useful ruby gems for web development

The framework of Ruby on Rails is a tool extremely powerful in the development of web applications. It has many built-in features such as object-relation mapper and intelligent routing that accelerate web applications development.

Spoil alert: this is just another useless article from the “Best/Useful gems fo…
Don’t waste my time, I had read this article 2 years ago. :( https://vexxhost.c…

Remote work

Are you working remotely already? We Ruby developers are more connected to remote work than the other language developers. I thought it would be relevant to share here my personal experience on this subject.

worque - Manage your daily notes like a boss

Ever stunned when your boss suddenly asked what you’ve done yesterday? Wanna check all your daily tasks without exiting your favourite editor VIM? Something to report on daily stand-ups? Then worque is definitely a right tool for you! Read more about it here allows you to create HTTP endpoints with custom responses (aka mocked web services). Every mock will be assigned a unique link that can be used to access it. All requests to this endpoint will be tracked and can be inspected on the history page. It also allows realtime debugging of the incoming requests by showing live updates on incoming requests to the endpoint.

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