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Introduction to Rails patterns - free book

I created a free book for you, it’s called “Introduction to Rails patterns” and it covers over 50 pages of useful refactoring tips. You can get it here

Validate and Fix Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord PostgreSQL Data Integrity

Most Ruby developers work with Rails and Active Record for PostgreSQL database interactions. It provides a ton of magic and is simple to start with. Data integrity problems start creeping up once the code base and database structure gets older. In this blog post, I will describe a couple of techniques for ensuring data integrity and validation in Ruby on Rails web apps. [more inside]

Ruby gem information, stats and usage for your terminal

whatthegem is a small utility to answer some questions about Ruby gems you work with or planning to work with. It tries to answer—right in your terminal—questions like the following: Colleague added gemname to our Gemfile, what is it? How outdated is my favorite gemname I am using locally, what’s changed since then? What’s that benchmarking gemname’s synopsis was, again? There is gemname advised on the internetz for my problem, is it still maintained? Is it widely used?

Git Cop 3.4.0 - Netlify Support

In case you are using Netlify as your build and deploy service for static web sites, wanted to let you know Git Cop now supports Netlify too. Everything happens automatically so you can ensure your Git commits are of high quality. See the README for details. Enjoy!

Programming Bitcon Script Transaction (Crypto) Contracts Step-by-Step (in Ruby)

Hello, I’ve started a new (free online) book(let) titled “Programming Bitcon Script Transaction (Crypto) Contracts Step-by-Step (in Ruby)”. Let’s start with building your own bitcon stack machine from zero / scratch and let’s run your own bitcon ops (operations)… Unlock the ?+2=4 puzzle on your own computer and win “unspent transaction outputs” on your own testnet. Happy bitcon scripting with ruby.

JSON dynamic attributes with Rails

We had a tricky problem. We knew that the columns for one particular model would need to change over time. That was easily solved with a JSON field, but we also wanted to support validations on this field – validations that are assigned to the model at the time of creation. Read the article by Heitor Silva

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