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Enforcing unique jobs in Karafka and Sidekiq for single resources

When working with multi threaded and multi process systems that consume messages in parallel, you need to be able to enforce some limitations on the processing order. This is especially important, when you process data related to same elements. In this article, I describe some of the solutions suitable for both Karafka and Sidekiq.

Know Ruby: private_constant

Constants are a part of your public interface. They can be an efficient way to share static values. But what if you don’t want to share? Some constants, like some methods, are intended for internal use only. Read More

Clone Scripts Developers

Agriya with the 16 years solid experience in the international market is the leading-edge web and clone script development company based in Chennai. We have an enhanced professional developers’ squad who are all involved in furnishing the business world with heaps of clone script solutions for the first-time and serial entrepreneurs to establish their own online platform eventually in a short period. [more inside]

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There should be a report button up there.
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Simple Timezone Offset abstraction

New small no-dependencies gem tz_offset incapsulates “timezone offset value”. Now you can do things TZOffset.parse('+5:45').now or TZOffset.parse('CEST').parse('12:30').localtime.

HerokuOps Gem

I’ve moved many of my standard Heroku application, pipeline and deploy tasks into a gem. Consider this an MVP; it’s rough around the edges, but gets the job done like a champ. [more inside]

Helpy 1.0 is out today!

Super excited to announce the 1.0 version of Helpy, the new open source Rails based helpdesk and customer support app. Big thanks to everyone who has contributed code and 19 foreign languages. Full list of new stuff at

Ruby Facets #4

In this new episode of Ruby Facets, we talk about Ruby Together and, Concerning Concerns, Procodile, and Swift. All in six lovely little minutes.

How to add database constraint validation for table

It is not a secret, that even having validations in Ruby on Rails application models through checking the uniqueness, two separate, but identical objects, can be saved to the database. This happens in services within subsequently full of users, which can simultaneously connect to the common database and write two similar records at the same time. To avoid such coincidences and to provide yourself with this kind of errors, I decided to look for methods at ruby gems communities.

How to create a Ruby Gem

RubyGems or “gem” is a package manager for the Ruby programming language that provides a standard format for distributing Ruby programs and libraries. It is easy to manage and install to your system and it can be used by various rails applications. Just Checkout how to create a new gem and how to publish it.

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