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Jekyll Quick Reference (Cheat Sheet) for Static Site Generator

I’ve started with a Jekyll Quick Reference (Cheat Sheet) for the static site generator - sections so far include: folder structure (_posts folder, _drafts folder, etc.), global variables, site variables, page variables, Liquid template filters n tags (standard and Jekyll extras), and more. It’s a single-page (8 pages printed) hosted at the Planet Jekyll GitHub repo. Cheers.

Video encoding processor for CarrierWave

As previously promised, here are some more tips how to tackle with video processing. Streamio FFMPEG has a bunch of useful options. You can specify for example frame rate, resolution, bitrate, codecs and many other by simply passing an options hash to transcoding. This time I wanted to change the previous code a little bit, add some options and include latest rails goodies as ActiveJob and Enumerable. Let’s get started!

Preview: Simple CLI for managing your Rails VPS or cloud server

Intercity CLI will help you set up hosting for your Rails apps on a VPS. This article shows a preview of how you can set up your Rails VPS in four commands.

Security for Lotus v0.3.0

Markup auto-escape, Content-Security-Policy, X-Frame-Options, HttpOnly cookies by default: read the proposals.

Implementing Ruby's Collect Method

Ruby’s collect method is one that I use all the time. In fact, mastering the Enumerable module will help out your Ruby code like no other. I wanted to see what it would be like to implement Ruby’s collect method.

Incisive Ruby Substitutions - The gsub Hash Syntax

How do you perform multiple Ruby substitutions simultaneously? [more inside]

Thanks for being a guinea pig for the new system! :-)
Nitpick: you talk about semantics, not syntax ;-)
Apeiros - Thanks for reading! I was referring to the gsub hash syntax (gsub(pat...
Yonibot: because the syntax is about the structure of the language, not its mea...

Command Line Reporter 3.3.5 Released

Bug fix release regarding border colors and vertical spacing. Check out the wiki to see examples of nicely formatted tables. As always the gem is available on with source on github. For those not familiar with “the reporter”, it provides a ruby DSL for writing reports with built in features for progress reporting and table formatting. It is very handy for system level and data reporting scripts.

Resilient Networking: Planning for Failure

A successful application is one that is resilient to fluctuations in network availability and performance: it can take advantage of the peak performance, but it plans for and continues to work when conditions degrade. Thoughts and tips on how to build such a thing.

Rapp - A Ruby Gem for scaffolding CLI or Daemonizable Ruby apps

I went looking a little while back for something fitting this description, and didn’t find anything that really worked for me. So, I wrote my own: Rapp [more inside]

Timeago date filter for Liquid templates!

Jekyll-timeago is a Liquid extension to compute and display distance of dates in words. It allows localization and integrates easily with Jekyll. You can use it via a filter or via tag:

Upload base64 encoded data to carrierwave uploaders.

If you develop some API, that interact with mobile devises, then this small gem might be handy: [more inside]

Panthro: The RubyGems Proxy Cache

Hi, I’ve developed Panthro, a POC of a rubygems proxy cache - it’s a very simple rack app that caches gem files in your local filsystem. [more inside]

Alternative to CanCan: ActionAccess

Action Access is a very lightweight and straightforward access control system for Rails. It boils down to this: [more inside]

I didn’t actually write this post, but RubyFlow no longer supports unauthentica...

Rails Fundamentals: Introducing the belongs_to Assocation (14+ minute video)

Active Record associations are an incredibly powerful feature yet configuring them can be confusing to Rails newcomers. In this free 14+ minute excerpt of the Easy Rails Active Record Video Associations series I’ll introduce the belongs_to association, complete with a detailed code example. Watch the video.

Test Driven Rails 4 Contact Form

I just posted How to build a Contact Form with Rails 4.2 on my site.

Stop Writing Rails Controllers

Stop writing controller code in Rails. Declare them in data.

Build a Pocket Clone: Part 3

My latest post in building a pocket clone from scratch

Today I Learned

thoughtbot created an open source GitHub repo this week called Today I Learned. It’s receiving lots of community submissions for tips in all programming languages, including lots of Ruby.

How to tackle with video processing with CarrierWave and streamio-FFMPEG gems.

Video encoding processor for CarrierWave, more options and background processing here.

Cleaner, safer Ruby API clients with Kleisli

I just blogged about how to build better APIs using general, simple but powerful ideas from the world of monads.

New Rails feature - ActiveModel errors details

Read about a new Rails feature ActiveModel::Errors#details

[Gem] I made a gem to build an interactive graph based on gem dependencies from your Gemfile

Please visit here . Constructive criticisms and suggestions welcome. Output is something like this

Pretty cool! I tried it out on one of my projects and I enjoyed visualizing the...
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