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Making controller logic easier to test, by removing it from the controller

The gem can be found here: It’s inspired by trailblazer, but sticks more to how rails is laid out. To use the default functionality, for each of your actions, you can just do: render json: model or however you want to render the response. model is a memoized method that looks up an operation and policy and applies whatever custom logic you want to implement. Checkout the readme for details. [more inside]

Getting Started with Minitest

Just published a tutorial for SemaphoreCI’s community on using Minitest in your Ruby projects with TDD. Check it out here.

Resque Gem : For Background Processes In ROR

Resque creates background jobs using Redis. Since it supports multiple queue, we can place them on multiple queues and process them later as well. And it comes with an administration interface for monitoring and managing the queues. Read full article on RailsCarma<?a> Blog.

Is it nil?

This is an article about what happens in Ruby when you ask something if it is nil. A look at the underlying Ruby source code to see what makes the nil? method tick. Hint: OOP and Inheritance.

JSON API Apps With Lotus

Do you need a fast and lightweight JSON API app? It must be powerful, flexible, quick to develop and easy to deploy? Here’s a tutorial that shows how to build it with Lotus. It will take you 15 minutes, deploy included.

Static Site Generator of the Year 2015 - Middleman or Jekyll?

Hello, For today’s Vienna.html (static site) meetup I’ve prepared a talk titled “The World’s Greatest (Free) Static Site Builders / Generators”. Browse the slides (use space to flip through) or the all-in-one page source. What your favorite static site builder / generator? Jekyll? Middleman? Nanoc? Any other? Vote for Year 2015 Award on Twitter. Cheers.

FYI: Thanks for voting (24 hours). The results (32 votes): 1 Jekyl…

Peeking Under The Hood of ActionController Parameters, Part 2

It’s really easy to forget how much of Rails is abstracted away into a black box. Simple things like strong parameters or how a controller’s action’s handle the request-response cycle can seem magical — until we look at what’s actually going on under the hood. This blog post looks at how ActionController::Parameters isn’t just as simple as a Ruby Hash, and explores where parameters get set in ActionController::Metal.

Union Station Feature highlight: Weekly Summary

Union Station’s weekly summary is an email service to keep your team up to date on the current status of your application. The summary contains statistics on throughput, performance, deployments, and system load, read more about it on our blog!

How to Deploy All Day yet Deploy Nothing

I’ve wrote a new blog post where I explain how much issues I had when trying to deploy the most standard rails app possible to Elastic Beanstalk via Docker. Basically it’s a rant in why in the hell deployment 2015 isn’t as easy as making a blog with Rails was 10 years ago. Read here: How to Deploy All Day yet Deploy Nothing

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