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Understanding and Extending Rails Form Helpers

Helpers in rails are meant to clean up view code by allowing you to extract data processing logic from your markup code. By moving the logic out, you get an added benefit, you can test your “view logic” easier. Read more

Fleeting Filing With Ruby Tempfile

Dealing with external file downloading and archiving can be complicated the first time around, particularly if you’ve never worked with Ruby’s File and Tempfile classes before. This blog post explores when and how to use Ruby tempfiles, including the order of operations when it comes to Tempfile method invocations.

Dive into Kubernetes and Docker

Baltimore has been celebrating Baltimore Innovation Week. The best part of the week was a developer conference. From my company, SmartLogic, one of our developers presented on Kubernetes and Docker. [more inside]

Give the middleman a start-script

I use middleman for my own website. To make it easier for me to pickup my work over different machines , I added a small start script to the repository. In this article I’m going to show you how it works and how you can make use of it for your own website build on top of middleman. If you like my writing and don’t want to miss any new article, you may want to follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the news feed of my site.

Cropping with Carrierwave

Wrote up a quick post with an example of how to make use of imagemagick’s crop functionality through Carrierwave. Link.

What does cropping have to do with uploader?
Carrierwave is commonly used to upload images, and manipulate those uploaded im…
Cool, good to know that it’s that easy :). It seems that your link is still sho…

Released image_processing gem

I extracted image processing from refile-mini_magick into the image_processing gem, with the goal of having generic helper methods for image processing which can be used in any project.

Pinterest API gem

Pinterest finally opened up their rest API out of beta late last week. Here is a ruby gem to interact with it: Lots of devs have been waiting for this API so hopefully the gem will be a big help to start playing with it!

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