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tty-command v0.6.0 release

The newest tty-command provides new ways to redirect command input and output. You can easily redirect stdout to stderr in child process whilst preserving any output logging like so'script...', :out => :err). Let me know what you think!

journaltxt (jo) gem & tool - reads single-file Journal.TXT & auto-builds blog

Hello, the new journaltxt (jo) library (gem) and command line tool - reads single-file Journal.TXT - the new human multi-document format for writers - and writes out (auto-builds) a blog (w/ Jekyll posts etc.). Reinventing blogging on the internets! Single-file publishing is the new single push-button publishing ;-) See the samples/Vienna.txt source and live Vienna.TXT Blog w/ Jekyll Minima as examples. Happy writing and publishing.

Vagrant VM for Rails development (Ubuntu 16.04)

A new version of the Zen Rails Development Environment is available. It’s a Ubuntu 16.04 Vagrant VM (for Virtualbox), built for Ruby on Rails development. It comes with tools such as PostgreSQL, Selenium & ChromeDriver (to run Chrome headless with Capybara JavaScript-enabled tests), installed and configured. Useful if you are stuck in a Windows PC or want to isolate your development environment from your Mac or Linux PC.

Command Line Report 4.0.0 Released

Tired of writing command line applications full of puts statements to create a user experience or present data in the terminal window? Have you ever wanted to easily create a tabular report after your application has collected the data? Then make sure to download and get started with the latest version of the Command Line Reporter project. It provides a simple DSL to accomplish many of the tasks you want in your scripts from Progress Bars to easily formatted tables. The wiki has plenty of information to get your started and the gem is available on with source on github.

RubyMine 2017.2 Released

RubyMine 2017.2 is released! This major update features support for Docker Compose, in-editor RuboCop quick-fixes, new features in Git log, and improved JS support. Learn more and download RubyMine 2017.2 from the What’s new page.

5 Benefits of Immutable Objects Worth Considering for Your Next Project

5 Benefits of Immutable Objects Worth Considering for Your Next Project As a ruby developer, immutability is thrown around by functional programming aficionados for awhile. as a skeptic I've passed it off as a buzzword and kept moving along. I recently started learning elixir and it popped up again, so I wanted to get a deep understanding of what the concept is and how it benefits our software in the real-world...

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