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Explaining RubyMotion views to Rails developers

Yesterday I put out an article explaining Apple's MVC pattern in a way Rails developers could understand, and it got a crazy amount of traffic, well for my standards 600 views in 24 hours seemed impressive for a fairly new blog.

Today I've written the second article in the ongoing series of explaining RubyMotion to Rails developers called "ERB vs UIView - Requesting Data", where I'll explain how similar views and html/erb really are, and the fact the only main difference is how the content gets in there.

Help others understand by sharing the article on twitter, and subscribe to the RSS feed (just above the author bio) to be updated when new articles in the series come out.

Also if you're interested in RubyMotion, I run the weekly screencast for RubyMotion called MotionInMotion. It's only $9/month and you'll get a new episode every week.


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