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DaemonKit - Create Ruby daemons in no time

Daemon Kit aims to simplify creating Ruby daemons by providing a sound application skeleton (through a generator), task specific generators (jabber bot, etc) and robust environment management code. Using simple built-in generators it is easy to created evented and non-evented daemons that perform a multitude of different tasks. The first version, 0.1 sports a jabber generator, with the evented jabber generator coming soon. The code is still pretty much rough around the edges, and it lives over at GitHub.


Very cool.postmodern - January 08, 2009 10:46
I need this yesterday.

Now that daemon generator is dead this hits the spot.malcky - January 09, 2009 00:01
@malcky, so did I, thats why I built it. Got too tired of setting up the same old stuff for every daemon I write...kennethkalmer - January 09, 2009 10:11

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