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BDDCasts - Screencasts on Cucumber, RSpec, and Rails

Via Twitter I just learned about BDDCasts. It's a commercial screencasting site with two screencasts so far. It covers Cucumber, RSpec, and Rails. The author appears to be Jeffrey Schoolcraft.


They have the first two up for free on the site right now. I have to say, I watched episode 1 and there is no way I would pay for a screencast like that. There were just too many "what should we do now" kind of exchanges between two people that seemed to be a few thousand miles away from each other. Maybe I've just been spoiled by so many professional quality screencasts. Thanks for the link anyhow, I think screencasts in general are a great resource.MattHulse - August 25, 2009 22:33
Well, I liked this style, it feels closer to the real development.Alexei - August 26, 2009 08:09
Careful with your ears around 3 min. on chapter 1 :-SCarlos - August 26, 2009 14:47

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