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"xxx" Gem: Watch porn with Ruby

Some of my Polish colleagues have done something worth mentioning. Well, maybe not, but it's Friday evening damnit! Watch porn with help of your ruby scripts or even irb with xxx gem!


this is great. love it!awesome. - February 05, 2010 21:27
I can't say this is RubyFlow's proudest moment, but haha.PeterCooper - February 05, 2010 21:53
I was hoping it'd do asciification, but it just launches in your browser.hopeful - February 05, 2010 22:49
Oh man I can't wait for Matt Aimonetti to fork this!! GoGaRuCo '10 hasn't been officially announced yet, but this project is a shoe-in.Anonymous - February 05, 2010 23:12
This is quality stuff.samnardoni - February 06, 2010 02:30
finally!stephen - February 06, 2010 17:45
tfguopip[[]vhjknl;.'/fcghjkl;a] BNBKLM;atma singh - October 27, 2011 07:41

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