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Dicks 0.02 Released

A new version of Boliver T. Shagnasty's dicks gem was released today. For those who don't know, dicks is a "Brutish way to print out a bunch of ascii dongs". Critical stuff here.


Is this a joke?AnonymousCritic - March 04, 2010 19:42
Adding some tests would make this gem much more robust for critical apps. I also need license file before I can use here at work on some our most critical apps.

A `--sperm` option would be helpful on some of our less critical apps:

8======D ~o

+1ratbeard - March 04, 2010 20:55
Another proud day for Rubyists everywhere :-)PeterCooper - March 05, 2010 02:42
love itstephen - March 05, 2010 19:14
is it thread-safe? I need to compute parallel wangsmetronome - March 05, 2010 22:44
You might check out my fork of this gem, called "dongs", which already supports additional command line options like --sperm and --numsperm: Arcieri - March 19, 2010 21:53
Just testing.PeterCooper - March 19, 2010 23:08 T. Shagnasty - November 30, 2010 21:26

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