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Implementing a video player with Ruby

Here's a 7 minutes video podcast on implementing a video player (GNU/Linux) using the Ruby extensions hornetseye-ffmpeg, hornetseye-alsa, and hornetseye-xorg. More ...


This project is so impressing; good to see it's still being developed! Interesting video, looking forward for more demos.

P.S. Any update on OS X compatability? Never got Hornetseye to work on OS X like a year ago when I tried, but in Ubuntu of course.grimen - July 29, 2011 00:25
Thanks for the positive feedback.

I have split up HornetsEye into multiple Ruby Gems. Sometime ago I managed to get malloc and multiarray to work on Mac OS X. I think it might be possible to compile other parts of HornetsEye as well, but important I/O facilities such as displaying images on the screen and accessing webcams are totally different under Mac OS.

I have made HornetsEye very modular though. It should be straightforward for Mac OS developers to write I/O libraries. All the I/O is based on the minimalistic Malloc class (see documentation of malloc). The representations of compressed frames and arrays all can be done using calls to the Ruby interpreter.wedesoft - July 31, 2011 16:19

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