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Running Specs From Vim

Test driven development thrives on a tight feedback loop. However, switching from the editor to the shell to manually run specs is inefficient.

Tools such as autotest and guard run specs whenever a file gets saved. Although an improvement over a manual workflow, those approaches often run the suite when not needed and run too many or too few specs.

Enter vim-rspec, a lightweight vim plugin that runs specs directly from within vim with the press of a key.


Your post is so interesting and informative. I got a lot of useful and significant information. Thank you so much.AlvaLangewohl55 - August 06, 2013 11:07
For those, who use not only RSpec, but Test::Unit or Minitest and write code in vim:
I put together a very similar vim plugin - Related.vim.
It allows not only running tests, but also switching between test and source.
Also it can echo commands into a named pipe, if you like to run your tests in separate pane/terminal.

For more details see my blogv_yarostky - August 07, 2013 18:38

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