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Announcing Echowrap, a Ruby interface to the Echo Nest API for doing cool things with music

I just launched Echowrap a wrapper to the Echo Nest API.

Here's a partial list of the things you can do with it:

Analyze a track to find it's key, energy level, danceability, acousticness, and whether it's live or studio
Break down a track by it's sections, beats, and fractions of a beat
Identify an unknown piece of music
Search for artists using a wide variety of criteria and get in-depth info about an artist:
The artist's location
Blogs associated witht the artist
The artist Bio
Numerical rating of how familiar the artist is
Numerical rating of how "hot" the artist is
News associated with the artist
Reviews of work by the artist
List songs by the artist
Find other similar artists to a particular artist
The artist's twitter feed
Videos of the artist
Notable url related to artist
Create taste profiles to track what you like
Find more music that you may like based on your taste profile
Create playlists based on your tastes


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