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RubyFlow The Ruby and Rails community linklog


The Ruby and Rails community linklog

Made a library? Written a blog post? Found a useful tutorial? Share it with the Ruby community here or just enjoy what everyone else has found!

Improving RubyFlow: What Features Do You Want?

Hi folks, we’re going to spend some time soon to improve RubyFlow and have noticed a few common feature requests. The most popular is probably adding a “report” or flagging button so we can take down spam/junk links - so we’ll be getting that rolled out. But what else would you be keen to see?

We have lots of ideas but don’t want to influence your opinions too much up-front, so just let loose with whatever you’re thinking or feeling and we’ll take it all on-board.


A search bar would be awesome, at this time it’s hard to find old posts :) BTW, thanks for your awesome website!

+1 for search.

Also, I would a feature to vote up/down posts. That would probably be disasterous for the posters who only posts readmes from Github and does not really understand what a gem does.

+1 for search too. Some kind of categories would be nice too. Also, link preview for blog posts and videos.

So good to see RubyFlow improving and moving forward!


+1 for both up/down votes and tags. Also, being able to see highly voted posts according to tags.

  • Voting (might be actually just vote-up) and searching.
  • Making it open-source so anyone can contribute?

+2 for search, previews, tags +1 votes

Search function is the best one

+1 search

+1 make it open source so anyone can contribute

+1 search and votes

I think it’s already open-source…:

Search sounds good & maybe the ability to reload your avatar / name from github :)

Sort comments by upvotes. So you don’t need 20 comments saying “+1 Search and Votes”

  1. Edit/Delete comments; 2. Search (NOTE: “rubyflow TERM” works like a charm in each search engine); 3. Recommend article (or up/down voting); 4. “Add to Favorite articles list “ functionality; 5. “Add to Read later list” functionality; 6. Duplicate/Invalid links check when posting (a tough one). I don’t think categories and tags will work (sometimes contributors are lazy enough to add a short description).

Button to pull updated profile photos from Github. Thanks again for the awesome platform, been using it for Ruby info for years now!

I’d like the report/flag feature to be available for comments as well.

I’d like to see Stack Overflow Q&A, for fluffier topics. E.g. what Ruby framework are you using for xyz these days?

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