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August 09, 2014
Go through this Common Mistakes in Ruby on Rails
August 08, 2014
Inch 0.4.7 released
I just released a new version of Inch, a tool to evaluate and lint your inline-docs.

Feedback and bug reports for this version were collected through Inch CI, a web-based CI version of Inch.
Just posted about a script I created to do zero downtime delayed job restarts. Please check it out and give any feedback!

Zero Downtime Delayed Jobs
DNS to CDN to Origin
Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) such as Amazon CloudFront and Fastly have the ability to “pull” content from their origin server during HTTP requests in order to cache them. They can also proxy POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, and OPTION HTTP requests, which means they can “front” our web application’s origin like this: DNS -> CDN -> Origin.
I've wrote tutorial about how to add comments in Rails using commontator gem.
I released a new version of middleman-presentation:
Version Number
To make it easier to build and maybe reuse a presentation, you can now add a version number to your presentation
Custom Slide Template
Now it is possible to define a custom slide template.
Easier creation of themes
Now there's a helper command available which makes theme-creating a lot of easier.
Footer for your presentation
Now middleman-presentation displays a footer on each slide (from the 2nd slide on) with your name, the copyright and the version number
Language detection for new presentations
Now it tries to guess what's the best language to use (based on the LANG-environment variable) when you create a new slide using the slide-command
Make debugging of slides easier
With this release you find HTML-comments with the file name in the rendered output.
Hello, Using Ruby build scripts, that is, rake tasks, I've built up a new GitHub org, that is, beer.csv - for open beer data in the CSV (comma-separated values) format, that is, plain old text. To get started I've added - for a change - beer statistics such as production, imports, exports, consumption, consumption per head, etc. for countries. Cheers. Prost. Salud. Kampai.
August 07, 2014
Check out Toptal’s new community-driven list of great Ruby on Rails interview questions. We've begun with an initial sampling of questions. Read them, comment on them, or even contribute your own.

Toptal is pleased to provide this service to the community and welcomes your feedback.
Found a simple way to make several logging facilities in Rails.
Annotating AngularJS inject dependencies got you down? Using Rails? Try disabling variable mangling during JavaScript minification to alleviate your woes.
Minitest earns a lot of praise for being simple to pick up, but did you know that you can add your own custom assertions and expectations to make your tests read the way you want them to?
August 06, 2014
Here is a new gem which will help you validate and convert your Rails controllers parameters in a clean & readable way.
We all love to enter the Rails console to try out some stuff. It's just a rails c away in development, but what if you want to view or fetch some specific data on your remote production server (and you're not on Heroku)?

Read more
We recently added OAuth to to our Rails app that uses Sorcery for authentication and wrote a tutorial for it.

Add OAuth to a Rails App Using Sorcery
Learn the three types of Caching in Ruby on Rails
I've just released a gem called Dokkufy to make running your own mini-Heroku using Dokku a whole lot easier and more pleasant.
August 05, 2014
I was reading Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development . I am impressed too much. I have two website Flarian and Promtionaldrives .I want to redevelop websites,suggest me can I do this? Anybody can help me.I will pay to ruby developers please contact me through my websites.
You want to test-drive some code, but you're stuck. Maybe you're not totally sure what your object's interface should look like. You might not be sure you can test what you're thinking of building. Or you could be procrastinating, because you just don't feel like writing tests right now. How do you get the benefits of TDD when you don't feel like TDDing?
In short tutorial, I will explain how to use acts_as_votable gem to create voting system in Rails app.
Ruby: Introduction

Red is the color of love, passion, vivacity, exuberance, and power. It is also the color of one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world -the ruby. The ruby is known to be the July birthstone and is the stone given on the 15th and 40th marriage anniversaries to provide happy couples a long prosperous marriage. In ancient times the ruby is known as the "king of gems". The ruby has everything a precious stone would need- magnificent color, excellent hardness, and outstanding brilliance. The color of a ruby can range from fiery orange red to a deep purple red. Large rubies are hard to find, which make them rare, in some cases could be more valuable than a diamond of the same size.

Ruby: History
Spree has created Wombat, an automated e-commerce solution. We are proud to announce that we have integrated it with Salesforce! Now, you can easily bring all your client’s information straight into Salesforce. And yes, it's open source! Grab one at Announcing Wombat (Spree) Integration with Salesforce.
Parallel specs across CI server nodes based on each spec file's time execution. Knapsack, a new gem created by Artur Trzop, generates a spec time execution report and uses it for future test runs.

August 04, 2014
Quick tip how to use Pjax & Middleman.
Just a couple tips of stuff we commonly have to do in Ruby when doing file operations.
August 03, 2014
The finite_machine got even better. The major addition is ability to create your own state machine definitions by subclassing FiniteMachine::Definition. What are you waiting for? Try it out and let me know what you think
ActiveResource can be pretty helpful when you have a RESTful JSON API. Although it has some limitations. One of the most irritating is a lack of nested resources #new scope method. Luckily there's a way to make it work exactly as its ActiveRecord equivalent. For more details, plese refer to this post: ActiveResource relations – a bit of magic to make it look and feel more like ActiveModel relations
I just released paperclip-deflater 0.0.6. You can gzip attached files before you upload them through paperclip.
New Post on the Gem Main. Check it out!
August 02, 2014
Ruby tools for markup processing and code syntax highlight.
This is the second post in a series about getting to know RubyMotion. At the end of the previous post we had something on screen and had learnt some core principles of iOS development with RubyMotion, now we're going to get ourselves organised using classes for a controller and a view, and get some interaction going in the next part of the series, Gaining Control of RubyMotion with UIViewControllers
August 01, 2014
Check out Toptal’s new community-driven list of great Ruby interview questions. We've begun with an initial sampling of questions. Read them, comment on them, and even contribute your own.

Toptal is pleased to provide this service to the community and welcomes your feedback.
I wrote the article, which gives you nice hints and solutions (including workaround for different gems), which will help you in the process of upgrading you app.
Ruby on Rails Lovers! Just check out this post on 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Ruby On Rails Developer
Starting A RubyMotion Application
Go through the process of creating a real iOS application using Ruby in this ongoing tutorial series. Part one is introducing you to the basics of just getting something on the screen and pointing out some core differences between most Ruby implementations and RubyMotion.
Last night, I set up an SEO keyword tool and a Twitter+Facebook retargeting tool for seven different websites. Both tools require I add JavaScript snippets to my websites but I didn't touch my codebases or deploy anything new.

I got it done by using, which I've been using for about a year as the primary "Adapter Pattern" for all analytics on my Ruby on Rails apps, Middleman apps, Rack apps, and other static sites. I have Google Analytics and Intercom set up through it and all kinds of other email, customer retention, and analytics tools.

In sum, those tools help me understand whether the things I've built are things that any users or customers actually want, helps me drive traffic to them, and help me grow the products.

Sometimes it's better to interact with from the server-side, though. In and Ruby, Josh talks about how to do it cleanly and in a testable way from inside a Rails app, with RSpec matchers.
Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, Chief Designer of the Ruby Programming Language is presenting on Ruby.Next at the Ninefold offices in San FranView the live stream at 7pm (PDT).
July 31, 2014
I wrote a short article about resetting the auto incrementing id in a Rails app using PostgreSQL after importing old data in a new app.

I hope it saves you some time.
I wrote a small tutorial on formatting and displaying dates to users or customers. Hopefully, it's helpful.
Representable is a mapping gem to transform Ruby objects to and from hashes, JSON, XML, and YAML. This blog post explains the new features in the 2.0 release.
We've just posted a basic list of simple practices you can apply that will take you towards the goal of bulletproof-security (this is not a complete list, but something to get you started), take a look at Simplest Security Best Practices .
July 30, 2014
I'm proud to announce the initial release of Roda, a new ruby web framework based on the following ideas:

1) Use a routing tree, similar to Cuba and Rum
2) Make it easy to use like Sinatra
3) Make it extensible like Sequel
4) Avoid namespace pollution

Find out why you should use Roda
attr_searchable, the gem to add database agnostic fulltext search to ActiveRecord (for Mysql and PostgreSQL) is a young and ambitious project. As its set of features grew, it has become neccessary to change its DSL and name. Thus, 'attr_searchable' is called 'search_cop' now.

In addition to the new name, search_cop v1.0.0 is out now and ships with search_scope's:

Check it out and install or migrate to 'search_cop'
How to Pick Languages
Adam Keys shares our latest GrowingDevs article on some techniques for picking languages. While not strictly about Ruby, this is a great guide for finding a language to try next.
I just published a tiny "how to": Google Analytics API access via Ruby (on Rails). Hope it helps some people!
Facilitate change in your Ruby code with the Single Responsibility Principle.
I wrote about Refactoring Logic from a Rails View. Hope you enjoy!
I just wrote a piece about the pattern we use to write maintainable JavaScript in our Rails apps. Have a read and let me know what you think.
Created 1 year ago the Shortcode gem has new hit version 1.0.0. Thanks to the community for submitting pull requests, bug reports and feature requests the gem has matured and become more full featured in it's year of existence. Features of note include:

* Simple and easy to use, renders templates with passed in attributes
* Custom helpers (like rails view helpers)
* Presenters
* erb, haml and slim template support

Hopefully next year will see just as much community participation and improvement to the gem.

Find out more
This project helps you to build wonderful presentations based on HTML and JavaScript.

The JavaScript-part is powered by reveal.js, a great framework to build HTML-/JavaScript-presentations. The infrastructure behind middleman-presentation is powered by middleman, a flexible static site generator which also offers a live preview of your presentation.

* Seperates style/assets from slide content by using bower
* Has a slide creator (Markdown, Erb, Liquid)
* Helps you to initialize new presentations
* You can have your own templates for (new) slides
* Allows to group slides
* Integrates with your preferred editor

Ruby >= 2.1.0

Read on...
Several months ago we were reaching a critical point in Art to Aid’s development. We had begun using Shopify about six months prior to test our theory that creatives and consumers want to work together to create good in the world; at least ten percent of every sale on Art to Aid goes to support a charitable organization of the artist’s choosing. We were closing in on flipping the switch on our own custom platform built on the popular Ruby on Rails ecommerce platform Spree. I had been happily denying the need for a deployment strategy more complex than a capistrano task pushing out to a single VPS. Continue reading blog