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March 06, 2014
I just launched BigBroda: an ActiveRecord adapter with rails integration for Google Bigquery.
A lesson I learned 10 years ago that still holds true today
March 05, 2014
The shortcode gem for parsing wordpress style shortcodes in ruby content management systems now has presenters for more powerful control over what is rendered by the templates. Check it out.
I very much dislike the all too common pattern
module Foo
def self.included(by)
by.extend ClassMethods

That's why I created the inherit gem. It's minimal (15 LoC relevant code).
Please check it out! Feedback is welcome!
I posted an update on Build a Ruby Gem Book Tech. Review. Hope you enjoy!
We recently setup SSL on which is a Rails 3 application running on Heroku. Here is a quick summary of the entire process and hope it saves you some time when you are looking to enable SSL for your Rails application on Heroku.
RubyMotion - Under the hood
A recap of how you might see what’s going on under the hood in RubyMotion
March 04, 2014
AWS provides great tools to handle keys, authentication and security. Here’s a simple setup how to quickly make your AWS Infrastructure more secure with the Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Securing your AWS Infrastructure with IAM
I wrote about using conversion methods in Rails to make it easier to grab instances of your models. Check it out and let me know what you think!
Pakyow 0.8 Release
I'm happy to announce that Pakyow 0.8 has officially been released. This is a major release and includes a better router, a more intuitive view syntax, and an improved view transformation API. Read all about it →

Happy Tuesday!
Recently Which? launched its first piece of open source software, a Ruby Gem to easily interact with REST APIs. There's pretty full documentation on its GitHub page, but I wanted to write a bit more of a real world introduction to using ActiveRestClient to access an API.
Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you know that we just opened a limited number of early bird tickets that will be available until April 1st (or until they sell out). Please visit for information about the conference and to purchase tickets.

We are also still accepting proposals until March 17th. Visit our CFP website for details.

See you in August!
March 03, 2014
MultiMime - A generic swappable back-end for MIME type detection.
Have you hit issues reliably tearing down Capybara tests of pages that make AJAX requests? We wrote a post on how we used Rack middleware to help solve this problem.
Using Database Templates in Rails
A quick post on how to make use of database templates in your Rails app.
The elasticsearch-model and elasticsearch-rails gems for ActiveModel/Record and Rails integration with Elasticsearch have been released. Read more at
I just posted a blog on refactoring... Finding Opportunities
Hello, For your convenience I've pre-built w/ the (sportdb, beerdb) Ruby gems some SQLite databases using the open public domain data sets. You'll find the releases on GitHub. world.db (~ 0.5 Megs), football.db (~ 1.3 Megs), beer.db (~ 1 Meg). Cheers.
PS: A new database is in the works. Welcome the wine.db. Prost.
Representable helps you rendering and parsing API documents. Mapping deeply nested documents to flat objects has been a bit of a pain. A new DSL method simplifies that in an enjoyable way.
March 02, 2014
Pronto reeks! No, wait, that's not right... Actually, Pronto performs quick automated code reviews with the help of various analysis tools (RuboCop, Brakeman, Flay, etc.) by checking only the introduced changes. And now it detects various code smells with the help of Reek. Check it out: Pronto and pronto-reek.
I described two great gems: rails-api and active_model_serializers which can be useful for building JSON API. JSON API with rails-api and active_model_serializers
The great folks at Thoughtbot just announced the release of fomulaic, a smart and DRY way to fill in forms with Capybara.

For the ones who prefer writing Capybara feature specs using SitePrism page objects, I've just released tedium, which aims to solve the same problems, in a more OO way.

Hey, guys! Here we launched a new ElasticSearch Rails integration gem. And this is the introductory article.
The finite_machine v0.2.0 brings tons of improvements, including support for custom error handlers, generic state and event listeners and easy integration with other object through target helper.
March 01, 2014
Roar Got Better Http Support!
Roar 0.12.3 comes with HTTPS and basic auth support for client representers, as well as a simpler API for dealing with HTTP - read about it here.
February 28, 2014
Inch: v0.3.1 released
This minor release brings performance enhancements and bugfixes to Inch.

Inch is a command-line tool that gives you hints where to improve your Ruby docs. One Inch at a time.
“Don’t Repeat Yourself” is one of the most valuable ideas from one of the most valuable books I read during my software development career. If you can refactor away duplicate code, you will produce more general, more stable code. When you start DRY-ing up your code, though, you’ll start to run into some problems: code that doesn’t handle edge cases well, code that’s too generalized and hard to read, or code that’s hard to find. If refactoring toward DRYness doesn’t work all the time, how do you know when you should refactor?
Tips for building a CLI
We're used to building web UIs and even mobile UIs, but what is required to make a CLI? Ninefold have just released their CLI gem, and we've taken some time to document some of the tricks we used to build it.
CORS with CloudFront, S3 and Rails
CORS with CloudFront, S3 and Rails
A post about running shoes apps on mac os x.
Earlier today I posted a link to an article on Twitter from The Frontier Group, which was talking about their experiences with RubyMotion, great article, but when I tweeted the link, it sparked some discussions between me and other people, and other groups of people which those discussions then got brought up with me.

Read about my thoughts.
February 27, 2014
Just released chef-rundeck 2.0.0 with Rundeck 2.0 and Windows support via WimRM.
My buddy Lawson just posted about working with remote files using the Tempfile library.
Stately is an elegant, extremely lightweight, and simple DSL for creating state machines. It's pure Ruby and works in Rails, Sinatra, or any other framework. This latest release fixes a bug with stately interacting with ActiveRecord.
This release fixes an issue when encoding a table with standard ascii or utf8 characters. Check out the wiki to see examples of nicely formatted tables. As always The gem is available on with source on github. For those not familiar with "the reporter", it provides a ruby DSL for writing reports with built in features for progress reporting and table formatting. It is very handy for system level and data reporting scripts.
I spent a couple of hours reimplementing the Arnold Schwarzenegger based programming language to run on any Ruby VM and here's the result: arnoldc.rb.
Reflecting on RubyMotion Experiences at The Frontier Group – Part 1 in a series of Rails to RubyMotion tips
The Rails and OmniAuth starter app is a new Rails 4.1 example from the RailsApps project, with configuration using the new config/secrets.yml file, and a choice of Bootstrap or Foundation front-end frameworks.
February 26, 2014
MagmaConf 2014
MagmaConf 2014 takes place this June 4, 5 and 6 in beautiful Manzanillo, Mexico; and our Early Bird discount tickets are now available for purchase here! Don't miss our on your chance to attend Mexico's premier web development conference. We've got some great speakers lined up including Sandi Metz, Desi McAdam, and Fred George (check out the full line up here). We've also got your amazing beach side room all made up just for you, so make sure to book your room at Magma Village before it's too late! Finally, make sure to stay up-to-date on all things MagmaConf (including special discounts!) by subscribing to our newsletter.
Version 3.0 of Lita, the chat bot built with Ruby, has been released. This new version contains many new features and improvements. Take a look at the release announcement for details.
I just launched a new Gem, thermometer, as a way to provide quick heat mapping on ActiveRecord models and associations.
As this is my first Gem, would love any feedback! Tested with ruby 1.9.3, 2.0.0, Rails 4.
Cheers, Nick
A rails app I did some time ago for children to practice math sums.
Ad free! maths practice..
Ruby and Objective-C look like opposites—one is dynamic, the other's static; one is interpreted and the other's compiled—but really they are cut from the same cloth. Here's a look at Objective-C from a Rubyist's perspective.
Testing complex conditionals
Testing complex conditionals - how to simplify nested contexts, and reduce overall tests paths.
Ack, I know design patterns! This time around instead of reading one specific class, we will be looking at a few real world examples of the Adapter Pattern in Rails.

So, come along and we'll hunt the Rails source for examples of the Adapter pattern.
MRuby is a lightweight Ruby. It was created by Matz with the purpose of having an embeddable version of the language. This article covers how to enable Redis scripting with Ruby.
Sooner or later, beginners or experienced programmers, we all run into so-called Ruby Gotchas – those small language subtleties that hide from our sight for hours of hardcore debugging.
Yeah, you can use a gem or, God forbid, a captcha, but a simple honeypot is easier than you think.
February 25, 2014
The second in a series of posts on authorization in a Rails app, scaling, and moving away from CanCan.
Get Production Ready
I just launched Get Production Ready a mailing list for ruby on rails developers and business owners releasing web applications in production, and opening them to the public.

For a preview of what I'm going to write about in the first issue: Have you heard?