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September 23, 2014
Can you learn Rails before learning Ruby? You can, for a little while. But if you want to learn enough Ruby to master Rails, study Ruby on its own. There are tons of Ruby books out there. I counted four shelves the last time I was in a bookstore. A lot of them are good. But there are a few that are in a class of their own. And they'll help you through the entire process of picking up Ruby.
Dancing drones, Gangam Style, Matz, sun and the nicest-looking presentation ever, in other words: Sunny Memories from the Barcelona Ruby Conference 2014 .
Do you find yourself too lazy to go to translation file to create a new translation entry? Are your views full of "I'll turn this in to a translation call later" literal strings?. Well, end to your woes is a click away. Check out the new version of Burek!
Here's a writeup on various ways to create Structs with some suggestions on improvements.
September 22, 2014
Writing detailed documentation helps to improve software design. Explaining the intent mitigates inconsistencies and helps other people to understand our initial idea.

We'll discover why the semantic of the raised exceptions is important to write solid API interfaces.

[Read the article]
Just cooked up a blog post about interaction with objects using first order functions: Click here to enjoy
We've scoured through the change notes to bring you some of the more interesting tidbits that are changing in Rails 4.2.
In previous part, we’ve set up an application with Neo4j and Rails and deployed it to Heroku. From here, we’re going to see the ways to declare relationships and write query in Neo4j.
September 21, 2014
TTY gem release v0.1.0
I've released tty gem that aids in developing beautiful command line clients. The library has been in development for a while and has ambitions goals for the future. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. Finally please take a look at this lovingly crafted project page. Thanks!
Green Ruby News #85
Posted this week Green Ruby News 85 with a bunch of fresh links.
You probably know how to add authentication to a Rails app with a framework like Devise or OmniAuth, but don't let your understanding stops there. In our recent blog post, we talked about several ways to add authentication in a Rails app, and talk about their benefits and drawbacks. 

Rails Authentication Methods
September 20, 2014
How can you plug complex, multi-model SQL queries into ActiveRecord models so that you can use them in your views? ActiveRecord Eager Loading with Query Objects and Decorators.
September 19, 2014
Use fancy Postgres features like Common Table Expressions to calculate a duration in business hours in any time zone. Blogged here.
Store Schema v0.0.1
I've just released Store Schema. Enhances ActiveRecord::Base.store_accessor with data conversion capabilities.
Parelation v0.0.1
I've just released Parelation. It translates HTTP parameters to ActiveRecord queries.
I just wrote about splitting up the large Rails applications.
I just published a blog post about my take on splitting up Rails applications.
When was the build passing?
Sanemat had a short talk "When was the build passing?" at Travis CI Meetup in Tokyo, Sep 17, 2014. The build passing a year ago still keep build passing now? It is not assured! I talked this and showed one solution
Execution time is key to developing and deploying an app with ease. Here's a couple of basic hints to speed up your Rspec tests.
Execution time is key to developing and deploying an app with ease. Here's a couple of basic hints to speed up your Rspec tests.
The big announcement of RubyMotion's support for Android has finally reached public beta! Instead of creating my normal polished screencasts, I decided to got RAWRRRR!!! This is me playing around trying to get RubyMotion for Android set up, and at the end you can see me fighting with the Android emulator, showing exactly why I use a device for development, because it's faster and more stable. It's a bit longer than I would have liked, but if you're wondering about all the stuff you're doing with setting up, this is going to be the goto place to work that out. Eventually I'll update this as things change over time.
September 18, 2014
Godfrey Chan has written up a nice blog post of Day 1 at Ruby Kaigi. Have a read on what they've been talking about in Japan.
Ye Old Code Finder
Seek you to find olde code written by devs in the distant past? Seek ye no more, but instead employ ye Olde Code Finder.
Last nights slides from the linz.rb talk titled Building HTTP JSON APIs w/ Ruby (and Sinatra). Use left/right cursor keys (or space bar) to browse the slides. Or check the all-in-one-page markdown source. Cheers.
September 17, 2014
Certain tasks like updating dependencies or migrating a database must be done after pulling code or checking out a branch. Other tasks such as re-indexing our ctags improve our development experience. Both kinds of tasks are easy to forget to do and are therefore error-prone. To address the problem, we’ve recently added a standard, extensible set of git hooks to our dotfiles in order to automate necessary, but annoying tasks.

Never forget again!
I wrote a post on how to integrate Angular and Rails and how this mix can even improve code readability
Rake Tasks Best Practices
One of the guys at the office asked me. What things should I keep in mind when writing a rake task and how do I know if my rake task is well written. I decided to make a list of what I think are good practices and here it's the result.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Writing Good Rake Tasks * But Were Afraid to Ask
Download Sinatra Cookbook now
Today I am announcing the first 8 chapters of Sinatra Cookbook, and to celebrate here's 15% off for you all.
From designing application architecture to helping in understanding complicated code, site maps can be a great tool for developers. Take a look at 7 ways to use mindmapping as a developer.
Daemonizing Ruby Processes
I published a short article on how to Daemonize your Ruby process without using any 3rd party dependencies.
What’s different (the good and the not-so-good) in SPA’s and why as a web developer, you should care about it. How Developing SPA Influenced Me & My Code.
September 16, 2014
How many font variants is your site using? Do you need all of them, and could you rely on the browser to generate some on your behalf? A look under the hood of how font selection and synthesis works in the browser.
Neo4j and Rails
I just launched Neo4j and Rails to help guys who are getting trouble with them.
I write two parts:
* Setup and Deploy to Heroku
* Declare Relationship and Write some Queries on Graph Database.
I'm excited to announce Security Watch—a security leaderboard of open source Ruby projects on GitHub.

Security Watch lets you quickly look at the most popular open source projects on GitHub to see if any of them have potential CVE or code vulnerabilities. The goal of the project is to raise security awareness in the Ruby world.
Say you have an Article model, and it could be either a draft or a published article. The published article needs more validation than the draft. What’s the best way to write this? Rails has a lightly documented, little-known feature that makes these problems really easy to handle.
From Rails 3.2 to 4.2
Lessons learned from upgrading a small service application from Rails 3.2 to 4.2.
With much excitement, we are happy to announce the new Ninefold dashboard. We’re certain you’ll be delighted.

It’s as simple as it gets. From the point of signing up to deploying your first app we’ve made it painless. Making things simple is not usually easy for engineers, so here’s how it came together. Continue reading.
September 15, 2014
One of the most common and most cumbersome errors you can make: using length instead of count. You can repeat this multiple times, but you will always find someone who’ll use it the way it shouldn’t be used. Here as a reminder: ActiveRecord count vs length vs size and what will happen if you use it the way you shouldn’t
I’ve added the Upmin admin framework to Rails Composer as an option. The upmin-admin engine provides an admin dashboard similar to Active Admin or RailsAdmin, so you can search, view, or update records without writing any code.
Thanks to Eckhard Licher for assembling an open and modular easy-to-(re)use Open World Factbook offering many alternative formats to the one-and-only official CIA World Factbook version in semi-structured HTML pages.

You can get all 267 "raw" country 'n' territories profiles in JSON (/geos.json) - generated with the factbook RubyGem - or all flags (/flags.png) or all overview (/maps.png) or locator (/locator.png) maps. Or browse the Markdown (thanks to GitHub rendered to HTML) country profiles (/ - see Austria or Australia as examples - or (re)use the plain text (/geos.txt) or TeX (/geos.tex) versions. All data is public domain (no copyright, no rights reserved). Cheers.
Jiragit 0.5.0 smooths the integration of JIRA and Git.

Jiragit automates the insertion of JIRA numbers and hyperlinks into Git commits, and provides a tool useful for accessing JIRA and Github while working on the command line.
September 14, 2014
Green Ruby News #84
One more collection of weekly fresh links in Green Ruby News 84.
I've updated equatable gem with fixed type and subtype reference equality as well as improved project documentation with more guidelines and examples. Please give it a go and let me know your thoughts!
September 13, 2014
I just launched a new Feature Flipping gem called Helioth!
This is not the first gem on this topic but I took a new approach and would love your feedbacks..
My instructions on how to configure Macbook Pro on Mavericks to work with ruby and rails with the help of automated scripts (ruby, bash).
I just updated ov gem, now possible use earliest defined methods with types
September 12, 2014
I recently released the latest major version of queue_classic which includes work from different people. Highlights on what's new are in a blog post I wrote.
Teatro is now more friendly for open source maintainers since it does not asks for repo access anymore for public repos. More info here

Some large open source projects already use Teatro including GitLab, Spree, Errbit, OpenProject and other.
September 11, 2014
Heard of Chef but never tried it? We wrote a step by step tutorial on how to the steps to set up a deployment process with Chef for your Rails project. Check it out!

Chef Basics for Rails Developers