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AntonioCangiano — 31 posts

You can now develop iOS applications in Ruby.
Michael Hartl just released a second edition of his Rails tutorial. In this brief post I describe why it's a worthwhile course and provide a discount coupon for 25% off.
Ruby one-liners
I published a Ruby version of the 10 Scala one-liners examples that circulated in the past couple of days.
In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a complete Ruby on Rails setup for DB2 on Ubuntu.
"Rails Best Practices" Review
Over the weekend I had a chance to play around a bit with Rails Best Practices, so I thought I’d share my review.
Interview with Michael Hartl
In this post I interview Michael Hartl, author of the popular Rails 3 Tutorial. Plus I'm doing a giveaway of the tutorial's printed edition.
Review of Eloquent Ruby
I wrote a review of Eloquent Ruby in which I draw a parallel with Olsen's previous book. I'm also doing a giveaway, so a lucky reader will be able to get a free copy.
During the holiday lull I managed to finally update my recommended Ruby and Rails book pages.
Read the announcement here.
The Great Ruby Shootout measures the performance of several Ruby implementations by testing them against a series of synthetic benchmarks. This article reports on the results of extensive benchmark testing of 8 different Ruby implementations on Linux. Both time and space metrics were analyzed.
This post contains the results of a new Ruby shootout I recently conducted on Windows. The implementations tested were Ruby 1.8.7, Ruby 1.9.1, Ruby 1.9.2, JRuby 1.5.1, and IronRuby 1.0. Which one was the fastest? Find out here.
Benchmarking MacRuby 0.6
Recently MacRuby 0.6 was released. The development team put a lot of emphasis on improving compatibility with Ruby 1.9, and the viability of MacRuby as a tool for developing Mac OS X applications. Focus on these aspects took precedence over performance, but I was still curious to see how well it performed when compared to Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby 1.9, respectively.
Rails, DB2 and the Enterprise
A few thoughts about Rails and the Enterprise world.
Rails Hosting Roundup
In this report on Rails hosting, I recommend some of the best Rails hosting services for all budgets.
The API development team just released a major version of the ibm_db gem, which includes ActiveRecord support for parameterized queries.
A short guide on setting up Ruby Enterprise Edition (REE), nginx and Passenger, for serving Ruby on Rails applications on Ubuntu.
Try macrubyc
The newly released MacRuby 0.5's compiler requires llc to be installed. In this post I explain how to install it.
Recommended Ruby and Rails books
I finally got around to updating my recommended Ruby and Rails book pages.
When hashing passwords in your Ruby web applications, you can increase security by using bcrypt-ruby.
How much faster is Ruby on Linux?
In a previous article I compared the performance of Ruby on Windows, built through Microsoft Visual C++ and GCC. The numbers for the MinGW version were very impressive. So the question now becomes, how does its performance compare to that of Ruby on Linux? Let's find out.
In this follow up post, I compare the mswin32 and mingw32 versions of Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 (4 implementations in total). The results are extremely encouraging.
I ran a mini-shootout on Windows, using the latest version of IronRuby that just released, MRI, and KRI.
Comparing MySQL and DB2's performance when using ActiveRecord's count calculations.
Memoization in Ruby and Python
In this article I show you how to easily make use of memoization in Ruby (and Python).
A short review of David A. Black's Ruby 1.9 screencasts and an announcement for Italian speakers.
The new MacRuby experimental branch is very promising.
Ruby’s challenge for 2009 is not about adoption or marketing. The real challenge will be technical, namely moving away from the main Ruby 1.8 interpreter.
There are now two magazines dedicated entirely to the subject of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, both of which are free of charge if you’re happy with the electronic version (a PDF).
Scaling Rails Screencasts
Check out these free screencasts about improving Rails performance and scalability. Highly recommended.
Learn Merb: Useful links
Some useful links to get you started with Merb.
Reflections on the Ruby shootout
An important update about The Great Ruby Shootout.