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Bantik — 5 posts

Faceted is a new gem providing a set of tools, patterns, and modules to help you build beautiful internal and external JSON APIs for your Rails applications. Inspired by the hexagonal architecture design pattern, Faceted is highly opinionated and embraces the convention-over-configuration philosophy.
Ephemeral brings ORM-like functionality to non-persisted objects. The anticipated use case is for an application that consumes an API and materializes one or more collections of objects from a JSON response or XML response. This release brings one-to-many relationships and chainable scopes for your in-memory objects.
Synack is a client/server wrapper for Terminal Notifier that allows messages to be sent from Ruby programs to Mac OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center. Check the README at for prerequisites, then install using gem install synack. Great for piping Rspec results to OS X, and it even works across the network. Enjoy!
Seer is a lightweight, semantically rich Ruby on Rails gem that provides a seamless interface to the Google Visualization API. You can easily create a graph or chart in a variety of formats and display it in your app with only a single line of code. The gem is available now through Gemcutter. A full intro can be found on my blog: Simple, Semantic Graphing for Ruby on Rails with Seer.
The latest release of RCov (0.9.0) includes significant UI improvements, including... [read inside for more..]