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Gazler — 4 posts

I have created Rapidash a ruby gem to help you make an API client for your RESTful API in a few lines of code.

class Repos < Rapidash::Base

class User < Rapidash::Base
resource :repos

class Client < Rapidash::Client
resource :users
method :http
site ""
end"Gazler").repos! #Output the repos that belong to Gazler
Uniqueable is a gem to check for uniqueness across multiple models with ActiveRecord. It supports case sensitivity, groups to check against and conditions.
I just launched Githug an interactive way to learn git. There are currently 20 `levels` ranging from basic tasks such as `git init` to doing a `diff` and contributing to other repositories.
I have recently updated my OAuth2 tutorial and created screencasts to go with it. It covers creating a provider with the oauth-plugin gem in rails and creating a consumer with sinatra and the oauth2 gem.