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ITTIA DB SQL is selected as an "Editor's Choice Award" by the respected Embedded Computing Design magazine. ITTIA DB SQL continues "targeting embedded systems, mobile devices, and other Internet of Things (IoT) appliances that require non-stop access to data", allowing manufacturers to benefit from relational model and SQL to build fast, scalable, reliable and highly available applications.
ITTIA DB SQL provides high-performance capabilities to retrieve data from very large in-memory storage (100 million+ records.) This technology is used in applications to find specific details in a very large data set and perform complex queries in seconds. This is especially beneficial for critical decision-makers that need to access sensitive information in real time.
ITTIA DB SQL now provides Android applications new capabilities to discover nearby data from other devices such as mobile tablets, notebooks, and embedded systems. With a footprint suitable for embedded systems, interoperability is greatly simplified, and new data is automatically and efficiently transferred upon discovery, so that Android applications can monitor and control nearby systems.
ITTIA DB SQL supports AllJoyn communications, which enables applications for embedded systems and mobile platforms to distribute data, and provides them with robust concurrent storage and replication capabilities. With this technology, applications can store data in a reliable local database file that is automatically sent to nearby devices when they connect to the same wired or wireless network.
ITTIA DB SQL version 6.0 brings increased efficiency, peer-to-peer replication to smart devices, simplifying interoperability on Internet of Things. As a result, embedded systems, appliances, and personal devices can relate information to each other through cloud-based services, over WiFi or other wireless technologies to distribute locally stored data, where wireless connection is detected.
ITTIA DB SQL tackles the growing challenge of how to analyze a large quantity of data quickly through a variety of complex queries. This provides high performance queries, reduced memory overhead, and more effective use of row-level locking for developers of embedded systems and mobile devices, with a choice of on-disk, in-memory, or hybrid storage options.
ITTIA DB SQL planner provides applications with sophisticated queries and accurate decisions, enabling devices to gain intelligence in M2M frameworks that produce Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystems. This tool supports a broad range of SQL queries to express complicated joins, grouping, query expressions, and data analysis to calculate critical data statistics efficiently.
ITTIA, the leader in modern database software for embedded systems and smart devices, today announced the successful deployment of ITTIA DB SQL embedded in Cow Master, an intelligent animal health care robotics system. This deployment continues the company's constant progress in the human-to-machine and machine-to-machine sector, providing a more sophisticated and modern means for manufacturers to create new systems suitable for a 21st century lifestyle.
ITTIA DB SQL's Machine to Machine connectivity allows developers of smart devices to build applications capable of collecting and transferring device data across a diverse ecosystem, ensuring that data is always available. This leading-edge technology comes with all the benefits of standard data management features, such as relational model SQL queries, multithreaded access, and ACID protection.
ITTIA DB SQL offers big data capabilities for smart embedded systems with limited local resources, enabling the distribution of a large data set across a wide array of devices, and the potential to store millions of rows per device. Applications can then run queries on individual devices, or pool data together in a back-end system for data warehousing and data mining. In this way, developers benefit from highly reliable embedded database software with a strong track record in mission-critical systems.
To overcome confidential data issues in mission-critical applications, the new release of ITTIA DB SQL provides security and authentication features that bring flexible data safety to Android developers of embedded systems and mobile devices, allowing them to achieve the greatest level of data security in embedded applications by encrypting both network communications and storage media.
Android continues gaining attention in mobile and embedded markets. Embedded Android developers using ITTIA DB SQL can now benefit from support for High Availability (HA) and In-Memory data management, offered along other features such as distributed transactions, table snapshots, synchronous commit, replication on commit, single-master replication, multiple master replication and online backup.
Sharing application code between Microsoft(R) Windows(R) – especially those written in C# for Windows Mobile(R) and Windows Phone(R) – and Android is now possible with ITTIA DB SQL's Mono framework. A cross-platform implementation of C# and the CLR, Mono is binary compatible with the Microsoft(R) .NET framework.
ITTIA announces the release its new version for the MicroC/OS-II real-time kernel and MicroC/FS file system from Micrium. ITTIA DB SQL uses the multithreading primitives in MicroC/OS-II so that an application can connect to the same database concurrently from multiple tasks. This combination empowers compact, easy to use and flexible embedded and mobile application development.
ITTIA DB SQL is available for the Qt application and UI development framework from Digia. This enhances cross-platform development and encourages best practices for concurrent processing of data. It also allows developers to access relational embedded data management software, offering a unique competitive edge with such features as replication, data distribution, reliable concurrency and logging.
The new ITTIA DB SQL 5.5 offers the most complete embedded data management experience, including high reliability, comprehensive security options, Qt user interface integration, Python and Lua scripting, JDBC compatibility, and replication. Embedded devices can also synchronize their local databases with Microsoft(R) SQL Server(R) and Oracle(R) on Windows and Linux servers. Evaluation copies are available at:
With Android's worldwide smart device market dominance, and thanks to inexpensive high-capacity SD Cards and comprehensive software development kit, it is easier than ever for software developers to build a distributed network of data-driven applications. While Android includes SQLite, a built-in database, applications handling mission critical data require capabilities not available in SQLite.
ITTIA DB SQL eases data retrieval by storing database directly to SPI device and supplying raw storage flash media with robust data management capabilities through SPI. This results in storing data – even large images and music - in table rows that are efficiently queried, with or without SQL.
ITTIA DB JDBC driver supports Hibernate which provides powerful, high performance relational persistence and query options for high-level, database-driven, Java applications. In addition, the ITTIA DB JDBC driver includes a Hibernate dialect that developers can use to quickly set up the Hibernate environment, and supports a rich set of Hibernate functions and fundamental data types.
The new JDBC driver feature of ITTIA DB SQL provides significant value for Java developers targeting embedded platforms, and adds integrated SQL storage to Java applications. This allows developers to create many JDBC connections to safely access and modify the same database, either by direct connection to Java Virtual Machine process or remote access to an ITTIA DB Server.
ITTIA DB SQL version 5.4 provides features such as clustered indexes to reduce the file size for many common table definitions, scrollable SQL cursors for navigating forward and backward in a result set, a Python scripting API, Unicode SQL query strings, client/server feature enabling multiprocess and remote network access to database files, for any environment with or without operating system.
ITTIA DB SQL provides data distribution features for applications developed with ITTIA DB SQL on WindRiver’s VxWorks – the industry’s leading embedded real-time operating system – and enterprise databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. VxWorks developers can now take advantage of the advanced features, cross platform flexibility, and compliance with ANSI standards and SQL offered by ITTIA DB SQL for building mission critical applications.
Embedded developers can now use ITTIA DB SQL in combination to IAR Embedded Workbench(R) to leverage enterprise data management features with a powerful compiler and a debugging tool suite. This offering includes development interoperability and low-cost maintainability, as both technologies are cross-platform and support various operating systems and processor architectures.
ITTIA DB SQL now offers new security and authentication features that provide flexible data safety techniques for mission-critical application developers. Using these comprehensive features, software developers can achieve the greatest level of data security in embedded applications by encrypting both network communications and storage media.
ITTIA DB SQL now provides application developers of Android tablets and mobile devices bidirectional data synchronization capability for connection with any type of back-end enterprise database. ITTIA DB SQL offers unique small footprint architecture, concurrent shared access both for reading and writing, multiple table options, and is the ideal choice for application development at a low cost.
Application developers for embedded systems and intelligent devices can now benefit from Ruby and Lua – two easy-to-use languages – as the latest offering from ITTIA DB SQL.Dynamic scripting languages make it easy to customize the application behavior because code is parsed and executed at runtime, and are often used with web servers.