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Kostyantyn — 4 posts

FastAttributes is a gem which defines attributes with their types in your model and does it in the fastest way. Version 0.7.0 is just released and since now, it supports lenient data types.
If you are looking for a gem which allows you to define attributes in your model and you care about performance, please check out fast_attributes.

You can also look at performance comparison benchmark with other popular gems like virtus and attrio.
EAV implementation for ActiveRecord
The new version of hydra_attribute has been released! This gem allows you to create, rename or delete attributes for your model in runtime, search by them and many more :)

Please, check out the demo app in action!
I've just released the hydra_attribute 0.4.0 gem that allows to create or remove attributes for the model in runtime or assign unique attribute list for each record. Also it is possible to use query methods for selecting or grouping records by that attributes. There are a lot of examples on the github wiki page including database structure that this gem creates.