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Loremaster — 10 posts

Upgrade to rails 4!
Are you planning to finally bump your app to the rails 4.0? Check out my article, it will help you!
Are you planning to finally bump your app to the Rails 4.1? Then check out my blog post about that. Now with tips about rails 4.1.5!
I wrote the article, which gives you nice hints and solutions (including workaround for different gems), which will help you in the process of upgrading you app.
I wrote the article which will show your thor task to prepare test database parallel, launch tests parallel and restart failing features. It can be VERY useful and handy for you, so check this article out!
I just published the article about usefull gems in development for Rails developers. Hope, you'll have fun reading it!
Enlarge Your Capistrano
It this article i'll tell you about few gems, which would make your deployment life a little bit easier. Well, it worked for me.
I just published my blog post how to update to Rails 4, where i mention strategy which i used to upgrade several Rails 3 apps. Hope it'll help someone.
I just published a short note which will really help you if you want to use Thinking Sphinx with PostgreSQL. This note is for Mac OS X, but Unix/Linux users may find some useful info too.
I wrote an article which'll really help you if you want to use acts_as_taggable and at the same time you would add Jquery Token Input.
I wrote a short article which will help you to upgrade to Devise 3.2, if you still use Devise 2.x.