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MadRabbit — 10 posts

Hey pips, i just launched the x-ray-machine which is a zero configuration logging/profiling tool for rails.

Think this, ever wanted to log your external API calls (or heavy processing tasks) in the rails logs the same way rails does natively for active record? Well, that's what the x-ray machine is for!
Have a slowly booting rails app? Here is something to cheer you up!
A small article about nicer way of dealing with dates and times in rails
I just launched minitest-mustwonted the new rspec-like must|wont engine for minitest!
Hey fellas, i just launched this little rubygem that can auto-scale your dynos count on heroku.

Unlike the hire-fire, this one is actually scales your dynos, not the background workers. It uses data from NewRelic and can potentially save you some buck if your project's load varies all the time. (and who's doesn't?)
An interesting blog post about new approach to users authentication that grants a great deal of caching abilities and flexibility
Ruby + Gosu = Fun!
I had a bit of good time with Gosu on Ruby and wanted to share some thoughts and experience
How to make pretty CLI apps in Ruby
A nice how-to that describes in details how to make more professionally looking console apps in Ruby. read the article
There's a simple article with explanations and example, how you could write own form-helper methods for a ruby-on-rails based project, so they were beautiful and handy like the built-in ones. Article
Javascript/CSS/HTML Compiler in Ruby: Meet FrontCompiler - a collection of scripts that allow you to compact your JavasScript, CSS and HTML code to reduce the loading time, and it can be used with Rails/Merb/whatever. NOTE: in test of compacting the Prototype library the script beats famous YUI compiler on about 1000 bytes.