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PragTob — 8 posts

I posted the first ruby scripts I ever wrote, look at them and the motivation to do so. Want to share your first ruby scripts? Tweet them out with #myfirstrubyscript
Ruby is a great programming language to write DSLs - unfortunately often developers monkeypatch Object to define top level scope methods. There is a better way that does not pollute Object with unnecessary methods.
The first preview version of shoes 4 was just released! The project aims to bring the joy and fun of simple GUI programming in Ruby back to everyone.

Check out the release post for further information!
I just released a new version of a gem called after_do, which you can use to easily add callbacks before/after a method is executed. I also wrote an introduction blog post about it - go ahead and check it out! :-)
Shoes 4 - a progress report
You might remember shoes, the GUI tollkit for Ruby, and probably sadly think that it's dead. It totally is not. I've written a little report about shoes4 and its current progress - go check it out!
A Rails Beginner Cheat Sheet
I just created a Rails Beginner Cheat Sheet aimed at helping beginners remember all those basic concepts and commands, hopefully making their start into Ruby and Rails smoother. Feedback very welcome =)
Over time I've collected quite many resources ranging from beginner material about Ruby and Rails to more advanced resources. Most of the material is free. I hope that this collection of resources is beneficial to people, who are interested in Ruby/Rails regardless of their skill level.
You may have heard the news about github being hacked and the associated hype around the mass assignment vulnerability. In case you missed it: my new blog post Secure your Rails apps! tries to summarize what was going on, what this vulnerability is and how to protect against it.