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ReyLero — 20 posts

CFP MagmaConf 2014
Only 20 days left to submit your talk.

CFP MagmaConf 2014
Introducing Triggerino
This week in Crowd Interactive's tech blog

Introducing Triggerino, an Arduino based action trigger
More features that shipped with Ruby 2.0

Based on Yukihiro Matz's (@yukihiro_matz) talk at Waza 2013

Post written by David Padilla (@dabit)
Respect the tomato
Crowd Interactive's tech blog:

Respect the tomato

Pomodoro & Pair Programming tips written by Ana Castro (@anymoto)

Do you use 'em?
#MagmaConf 2013 Early Bird is now OPEN, go and grab your spot in this amazing 4 Round Lucha: get your ticket here.

See you in Manzanillo June 2013
This week in Crowd Interactives tech blog:

How to limit two decimal digits in a jQuery input field

Post written by Heriberto Pérez (@heridev)
This week's in Crowd Interactive's tech blog:

How to manage file uploads with Backbone.js, paperclip, jquery file upload and...

Written by Heriberto Perez (@heridev)
This week's post in Crowd Interactive's tech blog

How to get what you need with Nokogiri

Written by Eduardo Figarola (@Diabulux)
This week's post in Crowd Interactive's tech blog:

Coding hardware with Ruby + Phidgets

Post written by Fernando Castellanos (@FCastellanos)
This week's post in Crowd Interactive's tech blog:

"Developing iOS applications with Ruby"

Mario Chávez (@mario_chavez) gives us a hint on how to use RubyMotion.
Call for Papers open!
Call for Papers for Magma Conf is now open! From January 4 to February 4 2013 submit your proposal here.
Android applications with Ruby
This week's Crowd Interactive's blog post: Android applications with Ruby written by Paul Estrada (@paulemtz).
Magma Rails 2013: Keynotes & CFP Dates!
We just launched a new edition of Magmazine

Keynotes and CFP Dates announced!
Morning! Crowd Interactive's weekly blogpost: "Faster assets precompile with turbo-sprockets-rails3" Rails Best Practices!
Polyglot Programmer
This week's tech post in Crowd Interactive's Blog: Polyglot Programmer written by Mario Chávez (@mario_chavez).
Magma Rails 2013
We just launched Magma Rails 2013 dates.

June 5, 6 & 7 2013 in Manzanillo, Colima.

Save the date!


Hey there!

This week we have Mario Chavez's blog post titled: "Living on the edge (OSX ML) or How to install Ruby 2.0pre and Rails 4.0pre"

Hope you guys find it useful.
Receive payments with Stripe
Last week's tech blog post: Receive payments with Stripe.
Crowd Interactive's Tech Blog Post: "Creating and using modules in Rails". Written by Heriberto Perez (@heridev)
Crowd Interactive Tech Blogpost ::: 3 killer features that are coming in Ruby 2.0 :::