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RicRoberts — 32 posts

In August, Tekin Suleyman and I will be delivering a 3-day, affordable Ruby on Rails bootcamp in Manchester (UK). It’s aimed at developers who already know a bit about web development and object oriented programming, but have limited or no experience with Ruby or Rails. The course will provide the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to build and deploy your very own Rails applications from scratch. Read more.
How to add a custom capistrano recipe to deploy a sub folder of a git repo.
Just before Christmas, I moved my own blog over to my own Rails+CouchDB blog engine, "SemanticJournal", and last week I made the repo public on Github.
This is not strictly Ruby-related, but many of us Ruby hackers are web-developers in general, so I thought this might be of interest... With a couple of pals, I've launched a new Javascript blog called DailyJS which we aim to be a bit like a Javascript version of Ruby Inside. You can read more about our motives on my personal blog.
A quick tip about using a different Couch DB for each web-request with Ruby and CouchRest.
Blink #3.
Blink #2: My second collection of “interesting” links.
This month's batch of Ruby blogs to check out.
Blink #1 - The first in a series of Link-Blogging posts... with links to stuff for which I don't have time to write full-length articles.
My checklist of tasks and gotchas for getting your Ruby environment up and running as quickly as possible after a clean Snow Leopard install.
Here’s your monthly dose of ruby blogs.
This is the fourth post in my Getting to grips with git series. It is concerned with looking at the differences between versions, and the various options for undoing your changes.
There has recently been a fair amount discussion about ways of implementing Linked Data content negotiation process. An example of one way to do it in Rails.
Last month, I posted my first set of five Ruby-related blogs for your delectation. Here’s five more for your RSS reader...
The third installment in my Getting to grips with git series. I introduce the potentially confusing concept of rebasing.
The second installment in my Getting to grips with git series. This time I explore branches and tags.
Over the years, I’ve collected a fair number of Ruby blogs in my feed reader. I thought I’d start sharing them for the benefit of others. Here’s the first installment.
Getting to grips with git
First part of my blog series on using git. I’ve been using the version control system, git (along with github) for a couple of months now, for my open source projects. At my company, we recently decided to take the plunge and start using git for our main code repository. With this series of blog posts, I hope to ease the transition from subversion (or sourcesafe, or whatever) to git. In this article, I’ll just cover the basics. More advanced stuff will come later.
Sometimes, in a rails application, you want to be able to periodically run code outside the context of a web request. I've created a simple rails plugin to help you do just that without having to set up loads of crontab entries.
A blog post announcing the launch of the grrid.js website. It's an open source, pure javascript, spreadsheet-like grid built on prototype.js. (Not strictly Ruby-related, I know, but Prototype is a Rails spin-off, and grrid.js might come in handy in a Rails project).
Let's make a game in Ruby
A tutorial series on making a game with Ruby and Shoes. It's pretty simple and the results are fun.
Boost speed and save bandwidth in your rails apps with mod_deflate for Apache.
Some tips for using NetBeans for rails development.
I’ve recently started work on a pure javascript spreadsheet-like grid control called grrid, and I’ve put an early version on github...
Graeme Mathieson's reasons why.
A blog post describing how to use apache Rewrite rules to ensure that all of the subscribers to your Typo blog are dealt with by Feedburner.
Adventures in Rails
An account of my company's adventures in Rails.
My experiences with trying Phusion Passenger.
How to stop errors in your rails app driving you hopping-mad. A blog post about how Hoptoad help keep us sane around the launch of Swirrl.
Last week, my company launched our new application, Swirrl, developed with Ruby on Rails. This blog post explains what it's all about. Please sign up for free, try it out and let us know what you think.
I recently blogged about how to configure SSL for rails, and how you can test the set-up on your Mac without having to deploy to your production server.
Instructions for how to use Proto.Menu for context menus in your Rails app.