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Tomash — 6 posts

I just published a blog post detailing (with code) how using Dropbox API, especially its copy_ref endpoint, improved user experience (and reduced operations cost) for my site selling legal music.
My friend Imanel, after months of hacking, testing and tweaking, has just announced (therefore considering it production-ready) Socky, a complete websockets solution that consists of ruby-based push server and Rails plugin with javascripts for seamless integration (both tools can be used separately though).
EuRuKo (this year in Krakow, Poland, on weekend 29-30th May) just started a call for speakers. Check out the official website and submit your talk proposal. Or, at the very least, mark your calendar and get ready for opening the registration. In order to stay up-to-date make sure you somehow follow the official EuRuKo Twitter.
I just wrote a second article in "Rails Tricks" series, this time focusing on hacks (one large, one small) around/using mislav-will_paginate. I hope it's going to open a few eyes on the myriad of possibilites that mislav_will-paginate exposes thanks to its nice design and API.
I just wrote a first article from planned "Rails Tricks" series about some clever usage of Searchlogic, aimed at both beginners and advanced users of this awesome gem.
The Euruko 2009 team has uploaded all the talks' videos on euruko account. The official announcement is here. If someone is interested in the slides and other materials for the talks, they can be found at the talks site.