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aantix — 15 posts

Quit polluting your routes file with version namespaces or complicating your logic with separate controllers. Version Cake 1.2 is the unobtrusive way to version APIs in your Rails app. Works great with Jbuilder and RABL. Now with Rails 4 support.

- index.v1.json.jbuilder
- index.v2.json.jbuilder
Run Adword simulations with this Rails application and Mechanical Turk.
Easy, unobtrusive API versioning for your Rails app. VersionCake was recently declared stable and bumped to version 1.0.
Easily version your Rails views with VersionCake (e.g. edit.v1.html.erb, edit.v2.html.erb, ..). If a view for the current version doesn't exist, VersionCake automatically degrades to the previous view version. A specific render version can be passed via the request header or query param. Perfect for API/jbuilder views. Can also be applied to any other view type (html erb/haml, etc).
David Heinemeier Hansson shows off code from the Basecamp Next rewrite and reveals their new advanced Russian Doll caching strategy (caching digest to be included in Rails 4.0).
Finally, the thought of running your own Cat Facts server no longer a dream. Meow.
This isn't the traditional programmatic framework. As an engineer, I am constantly looking for repeatable rules and guidelines. As I mature, I try to govern my emotional life in the same manner. Here's my (feeble) attempt to outline my emotional rules that I use to guide my relationships with others, the relationship with myself, and how I can dissolve unfounded fears. Feel free to fork. Pull requests gladly considered. You can find the guidelines here.
Richie Rich is a Ruby script that runs monthly (local cronjob) and generates an email report that shows each of the recommended mutual fund allocations and whether they should be in a buy/hold or sell/cash position.

The diversified fund allocations are based on the recommendations outlined in the book The Gone Fishin' Portfolio. The buy/sell signals are based on the system outlined in the paper A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation.
The Big Bucks, No Whammies gem takes your git commit history and generates a line item invoice. Simply specify the time range, billing rate, company info, and the location of the git repo, and BBNW does the rest. A sample invoice can be viewed here.
Easily display beautiful public domain imagery within your Rails app using the Sex It Up gem.
Thanksgiving is the perfect day to play with Turkee. Turkee Iterator shows off the capabilities of Mechanical Turk and the "power of the crowd" to help improve creative content in ways algorithms can't.
Turkee will seamlessly convert your Rails forms for use on Mechanical Turk. Then easily import the data posted by the Mechanical Turk workers back into their respective data models.
The Omaha Ruby on Rails User Group will meet again this Wednesday, Oct 8th. We will have special guest Ryan Bates of via an iChat audio session there to answer questions regarding Rails development and building an online community.
Jim Jones shows how to manage multiple images within your form using attachment_fu.
Jim Jones wonders if we shouldn't be using the runtime data from unit tests to create an autocomplete feature for Textmate.