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ajsharp — 9 posts

These are my slides from the lightning talk I gave at Rubyconf 2011. Link
On Github or `gem install bldr`.
Continuous deployment rocks. Whiskey_disk makes it super easy. Here's how to set it up on your servers.
Out of control passenger processes gotcha down? You need passenger_mon, bro. passenger_mon allows you to pick a memory threshold at which to gracefully shutdown passenger processes, so your servers don't run out of memory.

Check it out at the githubs or gem install passenger_mon.
In a nutshell, bundle install is usually the only command you'll need, while bundle update, with no other arguments specified, will update each gem in your Gemfile and all dependent gems to it's latest version. Usually, this is not what you want. Read on...
I gave a talk on refactoring this weekend at Ruby Hoedown in Nashville, TN. Here's a link to the slides.
Lately, I've been working on a talk I'm doing on refactoring. I'll be this giving talk at Ruby Hoedown 2010 in early September in Nashville, TN and at Sunnyconf in Phoenix, AZ later in the month. More...
Rails view helpers are easy to overlook in your test suite, but they want your testing love just like your models. I generally use view helpers for one of two reasons: 1.) when I'm trying to output something that's a bit too hairy to leave in a view or 2.) when I want to DRY up some view code. Both of these reasons warrant testing this code.

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