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andreareginato — 7 posts

Betterspecs Improved
We are happy to announce the new russian and korean translation of betterspecs, a project that tries to fill this gap of using rspec by collecting most of the "best practices" a developer should know when testing a ruby or rails apps.

Thanks to marocchino and Nikolay for the translations.
I just launched the Redis Throttle gem. This is fork of the Rack Throttle middleware that provides logic for rate-limiting incoming HTTP requests to Rack applications using Redis. This gem was designed to experiment rate limit with Rails 3.x and Doorkeeper.
I just launched, a web site that collects the best practices for testing rails apps. I hope you will enjoy it.
Time ago I've created a rest oauth2 server implementation. It's covered with testing but I've no time to work on it for now. I write here to search for people who wants to take the code I've done and create an engine.
I just created the website that will host the next Italian Ruby Day. I've built it with nanoc and I wish it can be improved to be useful for many other conferences.
How to learn Rails from the beginner to the expert. This is a collaborative tool, so feel free to add your suggestions, motivating all of them.
Ruby Social Club Milan presentations: Tame accidental complexity (introduction to NoSQL with MongoMapper) , RSpec Best Practices, Timetap (in itlaian), BioRyby (in italian),