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andrzejkrzywda — 5 posts

Beyond The Rails Way
Is there life beyond The Rails Way?

Let's find out!

Beyond The Rails Way
Ruby is a fantastic language. Even when you think, you know all about it, you discover new ways of making your code more elegant. We've prepared a list of such features:

Hidden features of Ruby you may not know about

Did you know all of them?
We've had a whole journey on how to do UI for Rails projects in Arkency. Starting from Rails views, then gradually switching to more JS (with JQuery), had a short adventure with Angular and now settled with React.

This post explains the basics of what are the good things about React
One of the ideas I'm suggesting is to bundle AngularJS with every new Rails app, by default. Technically speaking it's a strange marriage, but from a marketing point of view that could be a huge win for both sides.

How can Rails react to the rise of the JavaScript applications?
A blog post with a bit of theory behind AOP and a nice Ruby example.