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arunagw — 16 posts

I just read Rails 4 Quick Look: Strong Parameters.
RailsConf 2012 Twitter Leader Board APP
I just launched RailsConf Twitter Leader Board.

Tweet about RailsConf if you want to become leader!
Slides from @arunagw and ’s talk from Ruby Conf India 2012. Slides thanks :-)
I just brought the domain "" and would like to invite the community to provide me with some suggestions to make the best use of this domain.
I just open sourced omniauth-foursquare gem.
I just open sourced omniauth-twitter gem.

This gem is needed when you are using omniauth and you are going to auth using twitter.
Respond to Custom Formats in Rails
I just wrote about Respond to Custom Formats in Rails
I just posted about X-Request-Id tracking and TaggedLogging in Rails3.2.
Just found a WebApp to Learn Ruby! RubyMonk is an interactive platform that helps you master Ruby!
Rails 3.1.1 is out
Rails 3.1.1 is out! Upgrade your Applications!!

Rails 3.1.1
I just posted about how to contribute in Rails or any other open source software with using "github edit and fork" button.

This post is about how to open a Pull Request. Here
Read here for changes
Use selenium as a script
You can read about how to Use selenium as a script.
I just posted a blog about using JRuby and Rails 3.0.10.
Rails3.0.10 and Jruby

It tells about new Rails template for JRuby platform.
I just blogged Solution for latest gem working with Rails 2.3.X.
We have build an Application to track exceptions from your Rails Applications ErrorApp. It's free for many projects and easy to integrate with your Rails Applications. You can connect your Lighthouse project to create tickets from your exceptions. Check it out!