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bcardarella — 100 posts

Building an Ember App with Rails
Part 4
We have been granted special access to use one of the oldest buildings in the country
Part 3
Part 2
Part 1
Guarding with arrays
A simple code pattern to help clean up your code
Boston's 2nd annual Ruby Conference's RFP is open. We are also looking for sponsors.
Join us Oct 11 - 12 for Boston's 2nd annual Ruby conference. Please note this is a evening conference. We have pre-launch tickets available. Limited quantity of 50.
Using Database Templates in Rails
A quick post on how to make use of database templates in your Rails app.
Its is the day before Ember Conf, learn Ember from the perspective of a Rails developer.
We are just a month away from Boston hosting its first regional Ruby conference. The schedule has been posted. Three days of awesome is planned for over 300 Rubyists from around the world. Sign up while you can!
If you've been thinking about coming to Boston this October for Wicked Good Ruby Conf please purchase a ticket ASAP. We are still 2 months out and there are less than 50 tickets remaining! Purchase your ticket here
Doug Yun recaps what he's been recently reading.
Oct 12 - 13 we have just announced the 26 speakers we will have over two days. Join us in Boston!
I am no longer using the ClientSideValidations gem but I realize others still are. I would like to find someone that can take over development and releases for the gem as well as the plugins. Please tweet me if interested: @bcardarella
Doug Yun recaps what he's been recently reading.
DestroyedAt gem
A common pattern that we gemified for everybody.
An attempt to solve contextual validation problems in Rails
Please see the website for details

Early Bird tickets are up for sale and RFPs are now being considered
Please help
PartyFoul 1.0 includes background processor adapters, custom label handlers, and strategies for capturing errors in your Workers. Stop paying tons of money for exception capturing services and start using Github. (you get a higher API limit than anything else out there)
Auto submit exceptions from Rails as issues on Github
Last part Learn you some Ember!
Part 2 is less Ruby and more Ember but I draw comparisons on Ember to Rails to make it more digestible for the Rails devs.
I'm writing a 2 part series on building your first EmberJS app with the RailsAPI gem. The first post goes into setting up your app for developing in Ember
Fixes already released, please upgrade!
But they aren't completely gone, Queues have been moved to a branch so to not hold up the release of Rails 4.
Google+ just released communities so let's build one around Ruby.
If you know of any please take a moment to list them

I will follow up with the listing in about a week.
Extract your model validations and apply them to your forms automatically! This is a huge release for the gem, please read about all of the changes before upgrading.
This month we had: Prem Sichanugrist present on What to Expect in Rails 4.0 and Pat Shaughnessy present on Dissecting Ruby Blocks
Loren Segal and David Black presenting now!
ActionMailer can now take advantage of the new queueing system in Rails 4.0
Rails 4.0 Sneak Peek: Queueing
Check out the new Queue system in Rails 4.0
Maybe off-topic but we do develop all Rails! I've collected some thoughts and reflected on what has gone right and what has gone wrong (and how it was fixed) for starting a Rails consultancy in the past 6 months.
This past month we had two presentations and one lightning talk, videos available:

Jay McGaffigan gave an introduction to JRuby
Dan McClain gave a lightning talk on his postgres_ext game
Kevin Mernard spoke about torquebox
BostonRB Goes Live!
Starting tomorrow night (June 12th) The Boston Ruby Group will be streaming its meetings live. We invite everyone to watch!
Registration is now open! All skill levels are welcome
Small helper that we have found useful
No Ruby code but useful for Rails applications
Tmux, for fun and profit
Pair programming at distance
A recent approach we've had
This month we had:

Chad Fowler present Measuring & Analyzing Things That Matter When You Have Too Many Things To Keep Track Of
Luke Griffiths present How to make your first contribution to open source
Brian Cardarella present Love Your lib Directory
DockYard's continuous integration setup
Dan Seaver blogged about our Jenkins setup, we have it working well with capybara-webkit on our CI server.
Easily test (and click through) your ActionMailer emails in Capybara
Rails Engines and Monkey Patching
A pattern for extending Rails Engines
Last month we had 5 presentations:

Eric Kidd presented on his Rails Blog Engine
Will Mernagh presented on Distributed Test CI Testing
Dan Seaver presented on Jenkins + Rails
William Josephson presented on TDDium
Brian Cardarella presented on ValidAttribute, Statis, and RubyDebug
Single quotes or double quotes?
An opinion on when to use the different quoting styles with some performance notes
Styling opinion on specs
More lib directory love!
Common patterns for happy hacking your lib directory
Used with the Rails has_secure_password
An explanation of the plan going forward with the soon to be released 3.2.0 version of ClientSideValidations.
This month we had:
Joshua Ballanco: MacRuby for Fun and Profit
Dan Croak: Decorators in Rails
Barun Singh: Database Contraints & Polymorphism
This month we had
Chris Stolt from Heroku present Scalable Web Apps
Terence Lee from Heroku present Rails 3.1 on Heroku's Cedar stack
Pat Shaughnessy present Bundler 1.1
One line monkey patch.
Limited use case but this works for most conditions I could find.
One line monkey patch.
Limited use case but this works for most conditions I could find, I hope this helps someone else.
Loren Segal analyzes the and NewRelic data. Survey Says: No
This month we had three excellent presentations
Kyle Banker presents on MongoDB 2.0
Jason Morrison presents on Backbone.js and Rails
Ben Hughes presents on Transforming Ruby Code aims to get a good snapshot of what the current popular gems being used in Rails apps. Just submit your Gemfile. Then questions are optional but will help. (Rails 2 supported by copy/pasting the gem directives from your environment.rb file) This is for the good of the community!
This month BostonRB focused on the latest and greatest TDD tools in Ruby
Jeremy Weiskotten presented on the "big picture" of TDD
Steve Klabnik presented on Minitest
Ben Orenstein presented on FactoryGirl 2.0
Patrick Robertson presented on Capybara 2.0
Joe Ferris presented on Capybara-Webkit
BostonRB hosted presentations on Rails 3.1 in August Mark Bates presented on CoffeScript and James Daniels presented on The Aset Pipeline
Join us!
This month BostonRB had presentations on RadiantCMS, RefineryCMS, BrowserCMS, Copycopter, Stamp, and Travis-CI
Read the post Now supports Rails 3.1 (javascript served via asset pipeline). Also, a Rails 2.3.x wrapper gem for ClientSideValidations
MacRuby core contributor Joshua Ballanco presented at the June meeting for BostonRB. Part 1 (1hour) Part 2 (30 min)
What is it and why you should be using it
Apply within
gem install slimgems
Rails 3.1 RC1 Released
Go get it! More details later ;-)
BostonRB has put together an archive of almost every presentation it has hosted since 2006.
The first beta release of Rails 3.1 is now available - go check it out!
Rails 3.1 will have Bcrypt authentication baked in.
A minimalist validation matcher library for your model specs. I've found this to be a more flexible BDD solution than the existing validation matchers out there.
I've just released the 3.0 gem of Client Side Validations It is a complete rewrite and supports all Rails 3 validations (falling back to server validations if it makes sense), nested form fields are now supported, Mongoid 2.0 is supported, custom FormBuilders like SimpleForm and Formtastic are supported, custom validations are supported. Client Side Validations now has a system of callbacks for more control over your error rendering. Check out the Blog post to get started!
Did a much needed update on the remarkable_mongoid gem. All updated for the Mongoid 2 Release Candidate.
I just released BetterAr. A forward looking replacement for ActiveRecord::Base.all, .first and .count. Somewhat similar to what DataMapper does. (as far as the public api goes)
Stick this in your .bash_profile and run 'cdgems' if you're using RVM. It will open a new terminal tab and cd to the correct directory.
Registation is now open. Sept 10 - Sept 13 in Stowe, VT. Join 30 other Rubyists for a weekend of hacking, beer and fun! All levels welcome.
Rails 3 Release Candidate
It's out!
Simple to use drop in client side validations for your Rails app. With Rails 2 and Rails 3 examples. Built on top of jquery.validate.js
I took some time this morning to gemify my gist from earlier this week. Includes validation and association matchers.
First crack
Rails Magazine Issue 6
Get it here
AckMate is a great TextMate plugin to get you the power of ack
Solution for user selected subdomains with the Rails 3 router.
This is how I've been mixing RVM and Bundler lately. (the two were made for one another)
Rails 2.3.8 released
Back on stable ground
Pretty please?
Ruby Nation 2010 Day 2
Live blogging
RubyNation 2010 Live Blog
I'm live blogging RubyNation 2010
Turning around coworkers argument against TDD
Rails 2 and Rails 3 side by side
Quick fix for generating Rails 2 and Rails 3 apps Much better than the command line versioning
The Berkman Center at Harvard University in coordination with the Center for Research on Computation and Society is putting together a Ruby on Rails workshop for women on October 16th and 17th. RoR Workshop
Hey now! Who now? Whatcha talking aboot?
A Case Against Mocking & Stubbing
Why you should not mock and stub your models.IMO
Testing Your Helpers with Autotest
So you're trying to TATFT and you find that the huge hole is with testing your Helpers. So this is yet another guide on how to test your helpers. Only this time we will integrate Autotest
A quick fix to increase the precision of the rake:stats test/code metric.
How to import/export large CSV data in Rails very quickly.
Active Record Single Table Inheritance
Maybe your Rails app could benefit from Single Table Inheritance?