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benedikt — 4 posts

Writing clean view code in Ruby on Rails is hard. More often than not, the separation between style and structure doesn't work out as intended. Some user interface widgets are just not easily expressed with a few HTML tags. I just published a blog post describing how you can build powerful helpers that will clean up your view code a lot.
Capistrano is probably the oldest but still the most popular Rails deployment tool around. While there is some documentation around, I often end up browsing through the source code. Almost every time I discover things I did not know before. Today, I published a blog post about some great Capistrano features you probably did not know, yet.
I just published a new article about the advantages of custom RSpec example groups and how they can help you to reduce duplication and test setup in your specs. After a short introduction the article illustrates how to customize example groups for certain specs using a practical example based on ActiveModel::Serializers.
I just released v0.6.1 of mongoid-tree. It's a clean and simple implementation of trees for Mongoid using the materialized path pattern. It has optional modules for ordering and traversing of trees. It also provides useful callbacks as well as several strategies to handle destroying of nodes. The source is available on GitHub, there is an API documentation and it is continuously tested on Travis.