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bigbinary — 20 posts

Wrote a blog on six years old ruby bug and how Rails got around the problem.
Wrote a blog on visitor pattern and double dispatch in ruby .
We wrote a blog on Preload, Eagerload, Includes and Joins .
Wrote a blog on instance_exec.
Rex, Rexical and Rails Routing
We wrote a blog on Rex, Rexical and Rails routing .

This is a follow up blog on Journey into Rails routing .
routing in Rails is awesome. But how does it work. How does it find the right routing definition for the given url.

In the blog titled Journey into Rails routing we look at How Rails Routing works.

We look at how normalization works, how resrouces :users creates eight route definitions and much more.
Life of save in ActiveRecord
Method save in ActiveRecord is defined at multiple places and the save operation needs to take care of multiple tasks like dirty checking, transaction management and more.

Checkout this blog post to see the life of save method in ActiveRecord.
I wrote a blog on Classes are for designers and data-behavior is for JavaScript developers .
a video on pjax on rails
I just created a video on pjax on rails .
In this screencast merge, except, joins_values and only are discussed. Future episodes will discuss more Arel goodies.
extend self in ruby
This blog discusses extend self in ruby with some practical examples.
to_str method in ruby
A blog on to_str method in ruby .
jquery-ujs and jQuery trigger
Blog on jquery-ujs and jquery trigger .
CSRF and Rails
Posted a blog on CSRF and Rails .
Posted a blog on XSS and Rails .
Ruby pack unpack
BigBinary posted a blog on Ruby pack unpack .
BigBinary published a video on How Arel Works .
BigBinary has produced a screencast on How Autoloading works in Rails . published a screencast on How Rails Boots .
BigBinary just published a screencast on How callbacks work in Rails .