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blahed — 8 posts

We recently launched an all new version of the Forward gem. Now you can forward a static sites, view requests as they come over the tunnel, use multiple accounts, and auto copy/open your tunnel URL.

We also completely redesigned the website and launched a Chrome client so you can forward right from the browser.
Tossed this little stats gem together over the last few days. It's helpful if you want to keep stats for a time period (hours/days/weeks/months/years). It does just what we need it to and not a lot more – thought it might be useful to others. Read about it on Github
We just released a new forward gem — v0.3.0, with a few changes under the hood and one big feature: Forwardfile support. Now you can specify options in a Forwardfile, per project. Read more about it at
Roswell is a simple rails app that allows you to share passwords, notes, and software licenses with select groups of people. It has user and group management, search, favorites and copy-to-clipboard.

Check it out here:
Forward lets you share something running on localhost with someone across the web.

Get it with `gem install forward'
Use it with `forward 3000'
Tossed this little gem together to make parsing logs from the command line a bit easier. It uses Chronic, so you can specify dates in almost any format. Give it a look
Frank 1.0 is done. This release includes publish support (export and publish html to a server) and frank templates (allows you to customize what a new project looks like).
Frank 0.3.0 is ready. Some pretty nice features in this release. We added META data, a new way to handle layouts, current_page variable, lorem field replacement text, and the auto refresh helper that will completely change your life. `gem install frank' and enjoi.