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bozhidar — 34 posts

RuboCop 0.19 has been released! This is the biggest RuboCop release we've done in a while. The highlights include about a dozen new cops, more cop configuration options, improved auto-correct and so many bugfixes.

Here is the list of all the gory details. Enjoy!
I just wrote an article about the differences between length, size and count in Ruby.
I wrote a short overview of deprecated stuff in Ruby (as of 2.1). Hopefully some people will find it useful.
My Christmas gift for you is RuboCop 0.16! It adds Ruby 2.1 support, a few new cops (checks) and a ton of bug fixes and improvements. Have a look at the changelog for all the details.

I just wrote an article on line and string regexp anchors in Ruby.
I just wrote an article about Enumerable#each_with_object.
I just released RuboCop 0.15.0! It can now auto-correct most whitespace problems in Ruby code and features some new cops (like a cyclomatic complexity check) and more configuration options. More than a dozen bugs reported since the last release were fixed as well.
RuboCop 0.14 is out! You really want to see what's new this time. :-)
I just wrote a short article on using lambdas in case expressions.
It's one pretty loaded release! Check the changelog for details.
I just wrote a new article about some Perlisms in Ruby that should best be avoided.
I just wrote a blog post about a couple of useful extensions to Ruby's Enumerable module.
I just launched the Powerpack library. Powerpack is a small Ruby library containing (at this point) a few extensions to some core Ruby classes. I guess that in a way one can say it’s something like Rails’s ActiveSupport, but with much smaller scope.
The static code analyzer RuboCop just made it to version 0.11.0! The highlights include a handful of new checks, the ability to auto-generate a default config matching your existing project code style and about a dozen bug fixes and improvements.

I just released RuboCop 0.9.0. You might want to check it out.
I just posted the third installment of my ongoing blog series on Ruby style.
I just posted the second installment of my ongoing "The Elements of Style in Ruby" blog series.
I just launched a series of articles on the elements of style in Ruby.
I just released RuboCop 0.8.0! The big news is that RuboCop now runs on JRuby and Rubinius :-)
I've just released RuboCop 0.7.0! Some of the highlights include 16 new checks, simplified configuration, the ability to exclude files/folders and the usual ton of bugfixes.
I just released RuboCop 0.6.0! It's the project's most ambitious release for far, featuring more than a dozen new checks, the ability to locally disable checks and lots of bugfixes and improvements.
I've just released version 0.4 of RuboCop - an experimental Ruby code analyzer, based on the community Ruby style guide. This is the first version that's deemed suitable for general use and adds support for Ruby 2.0. Hopefully you'll find it useful!
Here's a short article on using the case expression to match on an object's class.
A short article on setting up fallback locale(s) in Rails 3.
I just finished writing the first draft of an Unofficial Ruby on Rails 3 style guide. Hopefully someone will find it useful. Any feedback will be appreciated!
I just launched a totally unofficial Ruby coding style guide, that might be of interest to some of you. Have a look at the initial revision and share your opinion.
I've just wrote a short comparison of Django and Rails.
The latest chapter of discusses JRuby.
A list of several very nice Ruby books.
A friendly(flame-free) comparison of two of the best dynamic languages Ruby and Python.
I've just updated the article Using Emacs for Rails development: The perfect setup that was somewhat popular three years ago to reflect the current state of Ruby/Rails related Emacs technologies.
An interesting blog post discussing briefly the most influential/interesting/practical programming languages.
Here you can find some tips as how to turn your Emacs into a top notch Rails development environment.
Ruby 1.8.7 is out
Ruby 1.8.7 is out. The official announcement is here. What makes this release significant is that it includes several backports from Ruby 1.9 alongside the usual batch of bug fixes and performance improvements. Enjoy!