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briandoll — 4 posts

Creating coherent and cohesive CSS is hard. What starts out as elegant often ends up crufty, with a mixing of conventions, loads of duplication and unused styles as the app grows.

Object-oriented CSS Heuristics for Programmers is the guide I wish I had years ago.
Have you ever wanted to build fully-functional Rails 'widgets' that someone can include in their web app just by dropping in a single JavaScript source file?

Here's one way to do it: Functional Widgets with Rails, JavaScript and JSONP
Need to support business users updating website content? You need a CMS right? Probably not. Introducing Rit. – The anti-CMS content scheduling system in Rails. Rit. is a standalone web application that allows users to edit multiple editions of website content and designate when that content should show up on the site. Site content is served up to a consuming application as a web service.
Using AJAX to load Rails partials
Here a pattern is discussed to using AJAX to load Rails partials asynchronously. This is a handy way to make your app feel more responsive by rendering slower-loading page fragments in parallel.